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St Barnabas, Browning Road, East Ham

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A suburban church in the north of East Ham towards Little Ilford, dating from 1900-09 it is by Bucknall and Comper.

little_ilford_st_barnabas230513_1 little_ilford_st_barnabas230513_2


  1. James Ramsay says:

    This church has had structural restoration work since these photos were taken – there is now a complete cross on the central gable.
    Your description “suburban church” is puzzling. Is it meant to be an aesthetic comment, or a description of the area? Neither seems wholly apt.

    • zoothorn says:

      Thanks for the update on the building, it is always good to hear from an incumbent. I wrote that entry almost four years ago, so thinking back I used suburban to indicate that it was in a largely residential area, it is not an aesthetic comment, my site generally does not pass such judgements as I am attempting a catalogue of London churches that lets the images do most of the work. I visited most of the areas east of the Lea 4-5 years ago with poorer camera equipment and photographic skills, it’s my intention to eventually revisit.

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