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All Saints, Church Street, Edmonton

The original parish church of Edmonton, with a 15th century tower. The north side has a brick facing from 1772 and the south aisle is of 1889 by W. Gilbee Scott. A few Norman remains are built into the west wall having been discovered when the south aisle was added.

 edmonton_all_saints130613_4 edmonton_all_saints130613_6
 edmonton_all_saints130613_7  edmonton_all_saints130613_3

St Aldhelm, Silver Street, Edmonton

Well west of the town centre, one of W.D. Caroe’s striking churches, this one dates from 1903.

St Michael Bassishaw (former), Bury Street, Edmonton

A distinctive church of 1901 by W.D. Caroe, made redundant in 1982, and now used as housing.


St Alphege, Hertford Road, Edmonton

At the northern edge of Edmonton a church of 1957-58 by Edward Maufe.

 edmonton_st_alphege130613_3 edmonton_st_alphege130613_6

St James (former), Fore Street, Upper Edmonton

Now converted to flats but dating from 1850 by Edward Ellis.

edmonton_st_james_former130613_1  edmonton_st_james_former130613_

St John, Dyson Road, Edmonton

Hidden away in back streets behind the North Circular Road. It was built in 1905-06 by C.H.B. Quennell, closed in 2007 but brought back into use in 2012. Much of the building is now in community use, for instance the west end of the nave is a gym.

 edmonton_st_john_the_evangelist130613_1  edmonton_st_john_the_evangelist130613_4
edmonton_st_john_the_evangelist130613_2 edmonton_st_john_the_evangelist130613_3

St Mary (former), Lawrence Road, Edmonton

Now sold to the local authority for community use and missing an external sculpture that was its distinguishing feature. It was built in 1970 as a multi use centre.

edmonton_st_dmary_former130613_ edmonton_st_dmary_former130613_1

St Martin, Town Road, Edmonton (Former) now St Demetrius (Greek Orthodox)

Formerly St Martin’s Anglican church, it was bought by the Greek Orthodox church in 1980. It is from 1909 by E.L. Warre. 

St Edmund, Hertford Road, Edmonton (Roman catholic)

At a busy junction a short way north of the town centre. It is by E. Doran Webb and dates from 1905-07. Modern glass by Mark Angus from 1981-82.


St Peter, Bounces Road, Edmonton

In the back streets north of the town centre, a large church of 1896 by Newman and Newman. The chancel, narthex and porches date from 1902.