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St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square, Euston

One of the earliest scholarly gothic revival churches. A short way west of Euston and north of Euston Road, it dates from 1849-52 and was designed by R.C. Carpenter, with the south aisle added in 1883-84 by his son R.H. Carpenter. The chancel decoration is by Daniel Bell and Richard Almond, the reredos was added by Charles Nicholson in 1935 and the rood by J.T. Micklethwaite. The great east window is by Hardman to Pugin designs, though much restored.


St Aloysius, Phoenix Road, Somers Town (Roman Catholic)

Round the corner from Euston Station, this is a church of 1966-67 by John Newton of Burles, Newton & Partners. It replaced a church of 1808 damaged in WW2.

euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_35  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_34
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_33  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_1  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_3
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_4  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_5
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_6  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_15
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_13  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_12
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_11  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_10
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_7  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_9
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_8  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_27
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_17  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_28
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_20  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_21
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_22  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_18
 euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_23  euston_st_aloysius_rc300916_24

St Anne, Laxton Place, Euston (Ethiopian Orthodox)

Opposite the east end of St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square, a small circular church of 1970 by Scott and Jaques replacing a 1930s building. It has been disused for some years as a Roman Catholic church but is used by an Ethiopian Orthodox congregation. It is planned that it will shortly  be demolished and replaced by a new commercial building.

 euston_st_anne_rc191214_1  euston_st_anne_rc191214_2

St Pancras New Church, Woburn Place, Euston

A Greek revival church designed by the Inwoods in 1819-1822. Opposite Euston station. The interior is rather dark as every window is filled with Clayton & Bell glass.

camden_st_pancras_new_church010312_2  camden_st_pancras_new_church010312_1

St Mary, Eversholt Street

An early and very fanciful gothic revival church just up the road from Euston Station. Designed by W. & H.W. Inwood in 1822-1826. An enlarged chancel was added by Ewan Christian in 1888.

 camden_st_mary_eversholt_street010312_2  camden_st_mary_eversholt_street010312_3