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The Faithful Virgin, Central Road,Upper Norwood (Roman Catholic)

Part of a convent which also has a secondary school and this parish church as part of the complex of buildings erected since 1857. The church is part of a large range of buildings and was built as a chapel in 1881 by Edward Goldie

St Joseph, Plaistow Lane, Bromley (Roman Catholic)

Around a mile north east of the town centre on a busy roundabout this is a tall basilica of 1912 by Edward Goldie.

  bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_17  bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_19
 bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_21  bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_1
 bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_  bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_10
 bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_2  bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_15
 bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_14  bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_11
 bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_12  bromley_st_joseph_rc040317_13

St Thomas a Becket, West Hill, Wandsworth (Roman Catholic)

A prominent sight near the top of West Hill. The church dates from 1893-95, with the chancel and Lady chapel added in 1897-99, the south aisle and porch in 1901, transepts 1912 and tower 1926-27

 wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_4 wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_2
 wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_  wandsworth_st_thomas_a_becket_rc141216_1

Our Lady of Lourdes, High Street, Acton (Roman Catholic)

On the main street through the town centre. It dates from 1902 and is by Edward Goldie.

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 ???????????????????????????????  acton_our_lady_of_lourdes120514_

St Lawrence, Main Road, Sidcup (Roman Catholic)

Very close to Christ Church, a domed church of 1906 by Edward Goldie. Financial issues meant that completion had to wait until 1930.

sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_8
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_7  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_6
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_16  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_13
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_11  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_5
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_2  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_14

Our Lady of the Assumption, Victoria Park Square, Bethnal Green (Roman Catholic)

Behind the Museum of Childhood, a large church of 1911-12 by Edward Goldie.

bethnal_green_our_lady_of_the_assumption_rc071113_2 bethnal_green_our_lady_of_the_assumption_rc071113_3

St Monica, Palmers Green (Roman Catholic)

Just up the road from the Anglican parish church. It dates from 1913-14 and is by Edward Goldie. The striking east window is by Carmel Cauchi and is from 1984.

St James, Spanish Place, St Marylebone (Roman Catholic)

One of London’s largest Roman Catholic Churches. Designed by Edward Goldie in 1885 and the east end completed in 1890 and the western end in 1914-18.

St_james_rc_spanish_place151204c      st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_5
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_14  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_12
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_11  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_9
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_7  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_6
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_3  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_1
 st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_2  st_james_spanish_place_rc160116_