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St Lawrence, Main Road, Sidcup (Roman Catholic)

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Very close to Christ Church, a domed church of 1906 by Edward Goldie. Financial issues meant that completion had to wait until 1930.

sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_8
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_7  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_6
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_16  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_13
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_11  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_5
 sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_2  sidcup_st_lawrence_rc130214_14


  1. steppach2013 says:

    According to their homepage the church was only completed by 1930.

    • zoothorn says:

      Thanks. Normally I check church webpages but in this case I just took the date from the short entry in Buildings of England. I have updated the page.

  2. I first attended St Lawrences in 1975 as part of my school St Josephs Convent, primary school, Sidcup. You can find more photos including of the church interior by me, on the Friends Reunited page.

    The church was partly refurbished, these are your photos. I preferred how the church used to look:
    the bright white ceiling was painted a sky blue, which is Catholicism represents Heaven. The arch in the and the interior of the church are examples of neo-Romanesque architecture which rejected the Gothic Revival which dominated churches in the Victorian era.

    The whole church is now a glaring white. They also removed a beautiful tapestry curtain than extended from under the crucifix to the floor. They probably sold it as it would be worth £1000s

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