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St Mary, Purley Oaks Road/Beech Avenue, Sanderstead

A rather typical Greenaway and Newberry design of 1926. It was left unfinished and a neatly matching west end with baptistery was added in 1970-1971 by Stephen Dykes Bower. The adjacent wooden hall was built as Sanderstead Mission church in 1908.

St James, St James Road, Riddlesdown

Partway up a steep hillside above the Brighton Road, the church was designed by Greenaway and Newberry and constructed in 1915. In 1930 Newberry & Fowler extended the nave by a bay and added a chancel, north chapel and vestries.

St Andrew, Woodmansterne, Coulsdon

High up above the town centre of Coulsdon this church was built between 1911 and 1914 and designed by F.H. Greenway & J.E. Newberry but was incomplete until 1962 when a permanent west end was added by John Stammers.

St Nicholas, Plumstead Road, Plumstead

The ancient parish church of Plumstead, some way from the modern centre but pleasantly set on the edge of a ridge with a green separating it from the main road. The west and south walls of the present south aisle (once the nave) and the south transept are medieval. The north aisle (now the nave) was rebuilt in 1818. In 1867-1868 C.H. Cooke restored the building before a large new north aisle and chancel were added in 1907-1908 by Greenaway and Newberry. The brick west tower was constructed in 1662-1664. After WW2 damage the church was restored in 1959 by T.F. Ford and Partners.

St Hilda, Courtrai Road, Crofton Park

A short way south of Crofton Park Station, it is a church by Greenaway and Newberry, one of their earliest. It dates from1907.

St Faith, Red Post Hill, North Dulwich

A very late gothic revival building of 1958 by David Nye and Partners. At the east end there is a Lady Chapel that contains a set of windows by Lawrence Lee, also from 1958. Across the car park is the hall which was used or services prior to the current church being built. It dates from 1907-1908 and is by Greenaway and Newberry

St John the Divine, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield

A short way north of St Gregory this is a small church of 1915 By Greenaway and Newberry. It was built to be temporary but a century later it is still in use. The crucifixion sculpture is by Ghisha Koenig.

earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_12  earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_13
 earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_ earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_1
 earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_3  earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_2
 earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_4  earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_9
 earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_6  earlsfield_st_john_the_divine050117_8

St Paul, Welham Road, Furzedown

A suburban church of 1926 by Greenaway and Newberry

  furzedown_st_paul201216_3  furzedown_st_paul201216_4
 furzedown_st_paul201216_7  furzedown_st_paul201216_6
 furzedown_st_paul201216_  furzedown_st_paul201216_2
 furzedown_st_paul201216_9  furzedown_st_paul201216_1

All Saints, The Avenue. Hampton

A suburban church well away from the old village centre. It dates from 1908 and is by Greenaway and Newberry. The intended tower was never built.

    hampton_all_saints101116_10  hampton_all_saints101116_9
 hampton_all_saints101116_14  hampton_all_saints101116_15

St John the Baptist, Northdown Road, Belmont

A the top of the hill above the main street at the southern tip of Sutton borough. The church is by Greenaway and Newberry and dates from 1915. The huge west window was originally in St Paul’s church in St Leonard’s, Sussex (demolished in 1964).

belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_16
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_20 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_19
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_2  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_8
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_5  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_3
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_12  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_11
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_7  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_9
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_4  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_18