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St Luke, Kidderpore Avenue, Hampstead

In the north west of Hampstead, almost on the Finchley Road. This is a suburban church of 1897-99 by Basil Champneys.


St John, Church Row, Hampstead

This building replaced the old church in 1745-47 and was designed by John Sanderson, upper parts of the tower added in 1759 by Samuel Steemson. Transepts were added in 1834 by Robert Hesketh. The church was reorientated  and a chancel added in 1877-78 by F.P. Cockerell. (The tower is at the east end and the chancel at the west)


St Mary, Holly Place, Hampstead (Roman Catholic)

An early Roman Catholic church built in 1816. The frontage was added by William Wardell in the 1850s. East chapels were added in 1907 by G.F. Collinson and A.M. Cock.


St John, Downshire Hill, Hampstead

Built as a proprietary chapel in 1818-1823, and attributed to William Woods. It was restored in 1896 by Horace Field and 1964-1971 by Edward Cullinam.


Christ Church, Hampstead Square, Hampstead

Built 1851-52 by S. W. Daukes. Ewan Christian added an outer north aisle in 1881.


St Jude, Hampstead Garden Suburb

A centrepiece of the suburb, dating from 1909-11 and designed by Edwin Lutyens. The interior decoration is by Walter Starmer and was added 1919-1930.

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 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_23                             hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_48
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_4  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_8
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_46  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_24
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_11  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_6
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_39  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_44
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_12  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_14
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_13  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_15
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_16  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_17
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_21  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_22
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_18  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_19
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_34  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_40
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_38  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_36
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_30  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_32
 hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_10  hampstead_garden_suburb_st_jude190915_20

St Stephen, Rosslyn Hill

Next to the Royal Free Hospital at Hampstead, the masterpiece of S.S. teulon 1869-73. Derelict and vandalised for many years it has now been restored as a community centre.

  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_7  st_stephen_rosslyn_hill120411_2
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_1  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_2
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_3  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_9  st_stephen_rosslyn_hill120411_
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_4  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_5
 hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_6  hampstead_st_stephen_rosslyn_hill191111_8