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Christ Church, Waltham Avenue, Harlington

North of the M4, in the Pinkwell area. A small church of 1965, now linked to St Jerome in Dawley rather than Harlington..

harlington_christ_church060314_  harlington_christ_church060314_1
 harlington_christ_church060314_2 harlington_christ_church060314_3

St Peter and St Paul, Harlington

A couple of miles north of Heathrow Airport and almost next to the M4 but still, despite the noise and pollution near a real farm field. The highlight is the Norman south porch, the nave is 12th century, the aisles 19th century and tower of around 1500 and the south porch is 16th century

harlington_st_peter_st_paul060314_22  harlington_st_peter_st_paul060314_10
 harlington_st_peter_st_paul060314_12  harlington_st_peter_st_paul060314_5
 harlington_st_peter_st_paul060314_13  harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_12
  harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_4  harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_5
 harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_22  harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_28
 harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_6  harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_19
harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_20 harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_17
harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_13 harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_7
 harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_23  harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_21
 harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_2  harlington_st_peter_st_paul210914_8