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St Benadette, Long Lane, Hillingdon (Roman catholic)

Along the same road as All Saints but nearer the main Uxbridge Road. It is by T.G.B. Scott and dates from 1960-61.

hillingdon_st_bernadette060314_ hillingdon_st_bernadette060314_13
 hillingdon_st_bernadette060314_2  hillingdon_st_bernadette060314_6
 hillingdon_st_bernadette060314_8  hillingdon_st_bernadette060314_4

All Saints, Long Lane, Hillingdon

Contemporary with the huge amount of 1930s suburbia in this area of North Hillingdon. The church dates from 1932 and was designed by Sir Charles Nicholson.

hillingdon_all_saints060314_8 hillingdon_all_saints060314_5
 hillingdon_all_saints060314_2  hillingdon_all_saints060314_

St John the Baptist, Uxbridge Road, Hillingdon

On top of Hillingdon Hill and unlike most churches in the area very much open. The tower is from 1629 and the nave and aisles are 14th century but the chancel and transepts are from 1847-48 by George Gilbert Scott.

             hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_36 hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_39
 hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_30  hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_23
 hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_2  hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_24
 hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_18  hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_21
 hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_7  hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_13
 hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_3  hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_4
 hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_14  hillingdon_st_john_the_baptist060314_10