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St Paul (former) , Chelmer Road/Glyn Road, Homerton now Seventh Day Adventist

A large cruciform church in a grid of suburban streets. It is by Henry Cowell Boyes and dates from 1890-91. There were absolutely no signs outside to indicate its owners when photographed in November 2013.

homerton_st_paul_former161113_1  homerton_st_paul_former161113_4
 homerton_st_paul_former161113_3  homerton_st_paul_former161113_6

Christ Church on the Mead (former), Homerton Road, Homerton

A small chapel in the Wally Foster community centre, built in 1976. Since April 2017 there have been no services held here.

homerton_christ_church_on_the_mead161113_  homerton_christ_church_on_the_mead161113_2

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Kenworthy Road, Homerton (Roman Catholic)

By C.A. Buckler 1875-83, but gutted in 1941 and rebuilt by John E. Sterret 1955-57 with much stained glass in the clerestory.

homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_1 homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_3
 homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_4  homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_27
 homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_14  homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_6
 homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_8  homerton_immaculate_heart_of_mary_rc161113_20

St Barnabas, Homerton High Street

By Arthur Ashpitel 1843-52.

homerton_st_barnabas221112_2  homerton_st_barnabas221112_1
 homerton_st_barnabas221112_   homerton_st_barnabas211113_6