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Holy Innocents, Tottenham Lane, Hornsey

An early A.W. Blomfield church of 1877. The unusual tower crowns a hill. Church website

hornsey_holy_innocents190913_ hornsey_holy_innocents190913_5

St Mary with St George, Cranley Gardens, Hornsey

Built in 1959, designed by Randall Morris to replace a war damaged church and St Mary’s, whose tower still stands. A few brasses and memorials from that church are on display in this building Church website

hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_  hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_3
 hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_5  hornsey_st_mary_and_george190913_4

St Mary, High Street, Hornsey

Only the medieval tower is left. The tower top is all that is left of a church of 1832 by George Smith that was demolished in 1927.

    hornsey_st_mary120913_2 hornsey_st_mary120913_1
 hornsey_st_mary120913_  hornsey_st_mary120913_3

St John the Baptist, Hornsey (Greek Orthodox)

One of James Brook’s last churches from 1896-7 (west end) and 1905 (east end), it was an Anglican church dedicated to St Peter until 1987.

hornsey_st_peter051211_2 hornsey_st_peter051211_1
 hornsey_st_peter051211_      hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_8
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_2  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_21
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_19  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_20
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_18  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_13
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_16  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_17
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_15  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_23
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_5  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_10
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_9  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_11
 hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_12  hornsey_st_john_greek_orthodox070315_4