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St Paul, Bath Road, Hounslow West

Alongside the main road into Hounslow, it dates from 1873-74 and was designed by Habershon and Pite. It closed in 2011 but reopened in 2012 as a plant supported by several other churches. The interior has been subdivided with the aisles partitioned off and a mezzanine floor over much of the nave.


St Mary and Pope Kyrillos VI (Formerly All Saints CofE), Broad Walk, Hounslow West (Coptic Orthodox)

In a suburban road off the Great South Western Road. It was built as an Anglican hall/church in 1938 by Seeley and Paget but was made redundant in 2004, there was some community use  until 2006 when demolition was proposed, with replacement by housing.It survived and  is now a Coptic Orthodox church, consecrated in 2017 with extensions added at right angles.


The Good Shepherd, Beavers Lane, Hounslow West

A hall/church of 1956 designed by Michael Farey to serve the Beaver’s Lane Estate.