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St Luke, Kingsley Road, Hounslow

This small building next to Hounslow East tube station was built about 1880 as a mission church (from St Mary, Spring Grove) to railway workers.


St Stephen, Parkside Road, Hounslow

In residential streets near Hounslow Station, some way from the town centre. This is a church of 1875-76 by Habershon & Pite to which a large tower was added in 1935 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day.

St Michael and St Martin, Bath Road, Hounslow

Just west of the town centre, this is a church of 1928-29 by George Drysdale.


Holy Trinity, High Street, Hounslow

At the west end of the High Street. It is a church of 1961 by W.E. Cross to replace a church destroyed by arson in 1943.


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