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St Stephen, Parkside Road, Hounslow

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In residential streets near Hounslow Station, some way from the town centre. This is a church of 1875-76 by Habershon & Pite to which a large tower was added in 1935 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day.

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  1. Paul Shaw says:

    Dear Andrew, I was very happy to be one of those who welcomed you to St Stephen’s after our Wednesday morning Eucharist a little while ago. I am not sure whether Fr Raymond confirmed this with you, but I am sorry that it is not the current policy of the church to draw attention to the interior, due to current security concerns, and so we could not give you permission to place images of the interior on your website. If that policy is reviewed at a future time, I will be happy to let you know. One thing I am sure you will be interested in: I have started to carry out some historical research into the building, and I can inform you with certainty that Pevsner and the VCH are in error, the original architects of the church were Habershon and Pite, not Ewan Christian..

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