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Ilford Hospital Chapel

The chapel of a medieval hospital on the edge of Ilford town centre. South aisle and lady chapel were added in by J.M. Brooks in 1889-90. There are two Burne Jones designed William Morris windows.

ilford_hospital_chapel210913_7 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_8
 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_6  ilford_hospital_chapel210913_4
 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_3  ilford_hospital_chapel210913_5
 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_1  ilford_hospital_chapel210913_2

St John the Baptist, Wanstead Park Road, Ilford (Roman Catholic)

From 1967 and designed by John Newton of Burles, Newton and Partners.

  ilford_st_john_the_baptist_rc020413_  ilford_st_john_the_baptist_rc020413_2

St Peter and St Paul, High Road, Ilford (Roman Catholic)

Just east of the town centre, an impressive street frontage, but less effective at the side. It was designed by R.L. Curtis and built 1898-99 with aisles added 1904-12 and the tower in 1906-1907.


St Mary and St Erconwald , Ilford Lane, Ilford (Roman Catholic)

An insignificant looking building of 1971-72 by Burles, Newton and Partners.

P1210418  P1210416

St Andrew, The Drive, Ilford

On the north side of Ilford, a massive church by Sir Herbert Baker dating from 1923-24, the hall of 1907 next door was the church until the current one was built. There are several fine Karl Parsons windows in the church. There is also a brand new window in the chancel clerestory by David Griffiths.

  ilford_st_andrew130213_19  ilford_st_andrew130213_1
 ilford_st_andrew130213_2  ilford_st_andrew130213_3
 ilford_st_andrew130213_16  ilford_st_andrew130213_15
 ilford_st_andrew130213_18  ilford_st_andrew130213_5
 ilford_st_andrew130213_13  ilford_st_andrew130213_14
 ilford_st_andrew130213_12  ilford_st_andrew130213_10

St Luke, Baxter Road, Ilford

Just nave, aisles and transepts were built of this church of 1914-15 by Edwin T. Dunn.

ilford_st_luke130213_3  ilford_st_luke130213_
 ilford_st_luke130213_1  ilford_st_luke130213_2

St Alban, Albert Road, Ilford

A typical church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts built 1899-1910.

 ilford_st_alban130213_1  ilford_st_alban130213_3
 ilford_st_alban130213_2  ilford_st_alban130213_

St Margaret of Antioch, Perth Road, Ilford

Well north of the town centre, it dates from 1913-14 and is by Edwin T. Dunn.

St Mary the Virgin, High Road, Ilford

This is Ilford parish church. The nave is by James Savage 1829-31, the tower added by Arthur Ashpitel in 1865-66. The unmatched chancel was added 1919-20 by Edwin T. Dunn and a south chapel by J. Harold Gibbons 1928-29. The large paintings of the Stations of the Cross are by E.A. Fellowes-Prynne.