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Blessed Sacrament, Copenhagen Street, Islington

Designed by Robert L. Curtis and built in 1916.

islington_blessed_sacrement_rc091213_  islington_blessed_sacrement_rc091213_2

All Saints, Caledonian Road/Carnegie Street, Islington

A hall/church of 1977.

islington_all_saints091213_1 islington_all_saints091213_2

Church on the Corner, Barnsbury Road

Originally the derelict King Edward VII pub at 64 Barnsbury Road, it became an Anglican church in 1994. There appear to be no church like fittings inside.

barnsbury_church_on_the_cornerr091213_ barnsbury_church_on_the_cornerr091213_1

St Saviour, Aberdeen Park, Highbury

Designed by William White 1865-66 with much polychromatic interior decoration. It has been used since 1990 as The Florence Trust artist’s studios, however, it seems likely that 2019 will be the last year of this use.

highbury_st_saviour_aberdeen_park221112_7 highbury_st_saviour_aberdeen_park221112_5

St James, Chillingworth Road, Lower Holloway

A Disused church of 1837-38 by Inwood and Clifton. The tower was added in 1850. From 1980 to 1982 it was converted into commercial premises and is currently a co-working space. An image of its different colour in 2013 is at the end of this collection.

St James, Prebend Street, Islington

Away from the main roads through Islington this church replaced the Clothworker’s Guild City of London Lambe’s Chapel. Some Flemish glass and the figure of William Lambe were transferred here when this building was constructed by F.W. Porter  in 1873-75. In the last couple of years there has been a reordering that has exposed the tiled work in the apse.

islington_former_st_james_prebend_street261012_1  islington_former_st_james_prebend_street261012_

St Peter, Islington

Now used as flats, the church was designed by Charles Barry 1834-35, but the Thunderbird One spire was added by Roumieu and Gough 1842-44 along with transepts and west porch.

islington_former_st_peter261012_1  islington_former_st_peter261012_

Holy Trinity (former), Cloudesley Square, Islington (was formerly also Celestial Church of Christ)

Built by Charles Barry 1826-29.  The interior was much changed and not in a great state of repair while under lease to the Celestial Church of Christ.  The lower exterior pictures are from September 2015 and the interiors from October 2016 while repair work was going on. The poor condition of the building led the Church of England to repossess the lease on the church in November 2017 and they are now seeking funding to carry out repairs. The first three images show its state in September 2022.


barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_1  barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_2
 barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_4  barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_5
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square300915_  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square300915_1
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square300915_2    islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_38
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_5
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_39  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_17
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_43  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_1
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_2  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_21
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_23  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_36
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_9  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_15
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_7  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_13
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_6  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_27
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_24  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_22
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_4  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_31
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_34  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_32


Our Lady of Czestochowa and St Casimir, Devonia Road, Islington (Roman Catholic)

Previously the Swedeborgian’s national seminary and school. It was built in 1852 by Edward Welch with extensions 1865-75 by Finch and Paraire. The stained glass is by Polish artist Adam Bunsch who was a member of the Polish forces based in the UK at the end of WW2.

St Andrew, Thornhill Square, Canonbury

By Francis B. Newman and John Johnson 1852-54 in the centre of the square. The interior has been divided with the north aisle as rooms and the south aisle as a hall and kitchen area. The nave and chancel have been re-ordered with chairs and few of the older furnishings left.

islington_st_andrew_thornhill_square261012_3 islington_st_andrew_thornhill_square261012_