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Holy Trinity (former), Cloudesley Square, Islington (was formerly also Celestial Church of Christ)

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Built by Charles Barry 1826-29.  The interior was much changed and not in a great state of repair while under lease to the Celestial Church of Christ.  The lower exterior pictures are from September 2015 and the interiors from October 2016 while repair work was going on. The poor condition of the building led the Church of England to repossess the lease on the church in November 2017 and they are now seeking funding to carry out repairs. The first three images show its state in September 2022.


barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_1  barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_2
 barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_4  barnsbury_holy_trinity_former091213_5
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square300915_  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square300915_1
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square300915_2    islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_38
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_5
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_39  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_17
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_43  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_1
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_2  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_21
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_23  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_36
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_9  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_15
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_7  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_13
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_6  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_27
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_24  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_22
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_4  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_31
 islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_34  islington_holy_trinity_cloudesley_square141016_32



  1. steppach2013 says:

    The church can be visited on Tuesdays.

  2. Interesting; I am going to link to post on Cloudesley Estate at londondiaryblog.wordpress.com where I am exploring London with Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, 1862

    • zoothorn says:

      Thanks, that sounds like an interesting way of visiting London. I must return to this church to try to get some interior shots.

  3. […] Richard Cloudesley, his life and times Barnsbury A Walk around Barnsbury London Churches in Photographs […]

  4. Jon Pitman says:

    How tall is this building?

    • zoothorn says:

      Its typical for its period, I guess the church is around 10-15 metres to the apex of the roof and the tower another 10-12 metres.

  5. Very interesting! My grandparents were married here in 1924. I have some photographs of them leaving the church and the bridesmaids entering the church but I only found the marriage certificate when sorting through my mother’s effects.

    • Barb child says:

      I just visited the church and it is now closed ( nov 2018)
      My parents were married there in 1940 and my father was the organist for many years

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