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Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, Soho (Roman Catholic)

One of the oldest Roman Catholic Churches in Britain. It is by Joseph Bonomi, 1789-90. J.F. Bentley shortened the galleries in 1875-75 and recast the east end in 1900.

           westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_13  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_12
 westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_1
 westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_11  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_9
 westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_6  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_8
 westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_4  westminster_our_lady_of_the_assumptio_warwick_street_rcl020415_3

Holy Trinity, Merton Road, Wimbledon

Side on to the main road east of the town centre. It dates from 1862 and is by John Johnson. It has been extensively altered inside with a conservatory like outer aisle, new ceilings, divided off west end and unused chancel.

wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_2 wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_3
 wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_4  wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_21
 wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_15  wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_16
 wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_8  wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_20
 wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_6  wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_7
 wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_9  wimbledon_holy_trinity230115_18

St Andrew, Thornhill Square, Canonbury

By Francis B. Newman and John Johnson 1852-54 in the centre of the square. The interior has been divided with the north aisle as rooms and the south aisle as a hall and kitchen area. The nave and chancel have been re-ordered with chairs and few of the older furnishings left.

islington_st_andrew_thornhill_square261012_3 islington_st_andrew_thornhill_square261012_

St Andrew, Romford

A backstreet church not too far west of the town centre. By John Johnson 1861-62. The east window was damaged by bombing so only the tracery lights are 19th century, the rest is from 1994 by Caroline Benyon.

St Edward the Confessor, Market Place, Romford

The town centre parish church is by John Johnson 1849-50 on the foundations of the medieval church. Several large monuments from that church are preserved within.  A very cared for interior featuring several modern stained glass windows at the west end.​

St Andrew, Hornchurch

High above Hornchurch town centre, a mainly medieval church, well lit with little stained glass. The south aisle, of brick, dates from 1802 and is likely by John Johnson.

hornchurch_church170113_16  hornchurch_church170113_17