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St Sarkis, Iverna Gardens, Kensington (Armenian Apostolic Orthodox)

Hidden away behind a small garden square near Kensington High Street Station. It was built in 1923 to designs by Arthur Davis of Mewes and Davis and funded by Calouste Gulbenkian. Small matching additions were made in 1937 and 1950.

St Wilfrid, Lorrimore Road, Kennington Park

Only the entrance end faces the street. The church dates from 1915 and is by F.A. Walters.

Our Lady of Dolours, Fulham Road (Roman catholic)

The tower is all that can be seen from Fulham Road, this fronts a long passage of 1880 that leads to a narthex of 1894 by C.A. Hansom that was added to the church of 1874-86 by J.A. Hansom.

         chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_11 chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_10
 chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_8  chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_9
 chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_1  chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_7
 chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_6  chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_5
 chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_3  chelsea_our_lady_of_dolours_rc020616_4

St Barnabas, Addison Road, Kensington

Designed 1825, but built 1827-29 to designs by Lewis Vulliamy.

kensington_st_barnabas_addison_road210416_  kensington_st_barnabas_addison_road210416_1

The Assumption, Kensington Square (Roman Catholic)

Just behind the old Barker’s store on the High Street. It dates from 1870-75 and is by George Goldie. All pictures are from the west end which is locked off behind a glass screen.

 kensington_assumption_rc210416_1  kensington_assumption_rc210416_16
 kensington_assumption_rc210416_2  kensington_assumption_rc210416_3
 kensington_assumption_rc210416_12  kensington_assumption_rc210416_10
 kensington_assumption_rc210416_11  kensington_assumption_rc210416_9
 kensington_assumption_rc210416_5  kensington_assumption_rc210416_7

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Kensington Church Street (Roman Catholic)

One of Giles Scott’s last buildings dating from 1954-59.  A large building just up the road from St Mary Abbots.

kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_  kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_26
 kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_23  kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_1
 kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_22  kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_13
 kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_4  kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_21
 kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_18  kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_12
 kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_5  kensington_our_lady_of_mt_carmel210416_8

St Philip, Earls Court Road, Kensington

Halfway between Kensington and Earl’s Court. Designed by T. Johnson and built in 1857-58. In 1863 the south aisle was widened and a south transept added. The interior has been much divided leaving a smaller worship area in the nave and north aisle. The reredos now in the north aisle is by Walter Tapper. The pulpit has been moved back behind the altar and the east and west window glass are displayed against lightboxes.

       earls_court_st_philip170316_16  earls_court_st_philip170316_15