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St George, Borough Road, Kingston upon Thames (Greek Orthodox)

A conversion of an old school to a church and Greek School.

kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_  kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_1
 kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_3  kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_2

St Paul, Alexandra Road, Kingston upon Thames

North of the town centre a large church by F. Peck, 1878. The transepts were added 1924-28 by P. Lamb.

kingston_st_paul270214_ kingston_st_paul270214_3
 kingston_st_paul270214_4  kingston_st_paul270214_5
 kingston_st_paul270214_6   kingston_st_paul251014_2

St Luke, Gibbon Road, Kingston upon Thames

A large dark red brick church, a little way north of the town centre, of 1888-89 by Kelly and Birchall of Leeds

    kingston_st_luke270214_8 kingston_st_luke270214_6
 kingston_st_luke270214_  kingston_st_luke270214_4

St Agatha, Kings Road, Kingston upon Thames (Roman Catholic)

On the north side of the town, a church of 1899 by John Kelly. The lower pictures show it in Feb 2014 obscured by scaffolding while it underwent cleaning.

 kingston_st_agatha_rc251014_  kingston_st_agatha_rc251014_1
 kingston_st_agatha_rc251014_3  kingston_st_agatha_rc251014_2
kingston_st_agatha_rc270214_ kingston_st_agatha_rc270214_1
 kingston_st_agatha_rc270214_2  kingston_st_agatha_rc270214_3

St Raphael, Portsmouth Road, Kingston upon Thames (Roman Catholic)

South of the town centre, facing the River Thames. A very early Roman catholic church of 1846-47 by Charles Parker. He built a copy of this church at St Albans in Hertfordshire

kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_26 kingston_st_raphael_rc200214_7
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_28  kingston_st_raphael_rc200214_
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_1  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_4
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_6  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_23
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_16  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_20
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_15  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_2
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_9  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_10
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_24  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_5
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_7  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_12
 kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_13  kingston_st_raphael_rc251014_3

St John the Baptist, Robin Hood Lane, Kingston Vale

In a wooded churchyard just off Kingston Vale, at the northern tip of London Borough of Kingston. The church is by Ewan Christian and dates from 1861, with the north aisle added in 1874.

kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_5 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_7
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_8  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_9
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_42  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_26
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_14  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_15
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_25  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_29
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_27  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_32
 kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_38  kingston_vale_st_john_the_baptist200214_41

St Anne, Kingston Hill (Roman Catholic)

Towards Kingston Vale well north of the town centre, a church of 1960 by F.G. Broadbent.

kingston_vale_st_anne_rct200214_3 kingston_vale_st_anne_rct200214_2
 kingston_vale_st_anne_rct200214_1  kingston_vale_st_anne_rct200214_

St John the Evangelist, Grove Lane, Kingston upon Thames

In south-eastern suburban Kingston. it is a church of 1871-73 by Arthur.J Phelps who was a local Surbiton architect, with the tower added in 1936. It was seriously smoke damaged and by fire in 1993. in 2018 there is due to be a new lighting and heating system installed.

  kingston_st_john200214_6 kingston_st_john200214_9
 kingston_st_john200214_  kingston_st_john200214_7

Lovekyn Chapel (former), London Road, Kingston upon Thames (now events venue at Kingston Grammar School)

A former chantry chapel of 1309 and 1352, now an events venue owned by Kingston Grammar School.

kingston_lovekyn_chapel200214_2  kingston_lovekyn_chapel200214_5

All Saints, Market Place, Kingston upon Thames

The large parish church of Kingston upon Thames. The building is largely 15th century but was heavily restored by Raphael Brandon, 1862-66 and John Loughborough Pearson, 1883. The brick tower top was added in 1708 by John Yeomans. During 2014 it has undergone a major restoration by Ptolmey Dean Architects.

kingston_all_saints251014_1 kingston_all_saints251014_60
 kingston_all_saints251014_58  kingston_all_saints251014_63
 kingston_all_saints251014_52  kingston_all_saints251014_42
 kingston_all_saints251014_27  kingston_all_saints251014_8
 kingston_all_saints251014_4  kingston_all_saints251014_5
 kingston_all_saints251014_46  kingston_all_saints251014_41
 kingston_all_saints251014_23  kingston_all_saints251014_24
 kingston_all_saints251014_9  kingston_all_saints251014_29
 kingston_all_saints251014_48  kingston_all_saints251014_32
 kingston_all_saints251014_49  kingston_all_saints251014_54
 kingston_all_saints251014_43  kingston_all_saints251014_39
 kingston_all_saints251014_37  kingston_all_saints251014_6
 kingston_all_saints251014_31  kingston_all_saints251014_28