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St Peter, Black Lion Lane, Hammersmith

Hammersmith’s oldest church in a pleasant, but for the Great West Road on one side, backwater at the west end of the town. It is by Edward Lapidge 1827-29 and was subject to a major restoration finished in 2016. The area under the gallery is divided off as a hall space.


St Mary, High Street, Putney

Right on the River Thames at the southern end of Putney bridge. The tower is medieval but the body of the church was rebuilt by Edward Lapidge in 1836-37, retaining a small amount of older work including the West Chantry Chapel of the early 16th century. The church was restored in 1980-2 by Ronald Sims after a severe arson attack in 1973. A large hall above a cafe have been added on the south side through which the church is now entered.

putney_st_mary141216_83  putney_st_mary141216_
 putney_st_mary141216_4 putney_st_mary141216_6
 putney_st_mary141216_5  putney_st_mary141216_7
 putney_st_mary141216_11  putney_st_mary141216_15
 putney_st_mary141216_12  putney_st_mary141216_35
 putney_st_mary141216_36  putney_st_mary141216_34
 putney_st_mary141216_28  putney_st_mary141216_70
 putney_st_mary141216_52  putney_st_mary141216_53
 putney_st_mary141216_82  putney_st_mary141216_16
 putney_st_mary141216_21  putney_st_mary141216_22
 putney_st_mary141216_23  putney_st_mary141216_57
 putney_st_mary141216_39  putney_st_mary141216_50
 putney_st_mary141216_81  putney_st_mary141216_38
 putney_st_mary141216_62  putney_st_mary141216_43
 putney_st_mary141216_71  putney_st_mary141216_80
 putney_st_mary141216_77  putney_st_mary141216_74

St John the Baptist, Church Grove, Hampton Wick

Closed from 2005 to 2010 when a new church was planted here. The building is by Edward Lapidge and dates from 1829-30, the small chancel was added in 1887.

             hampton_wick_st_john241116_  hampton_wick_st_john241116_3
 hampton_wick_st_john241116_1  hampton_wick_st_john241116_13
 hampton_wick_st_john241116_7  hampton_wick_st_john241116_5
 hampton_wick_st_john241116_10  hampton_wick_st_john241116_12
 hampton_wick_st_john241116_16  hampton_wick_st_john241116_15
 hampton_wick_st_john241116_6  hampton_wick_st_john241116_4
 hampton_wick_st_john241116_14  hampton_wick_st_john241116_11

St Mary, Thames Street, Hampton

Alongside the River Thames at the eastern end of Hampton. The church is by Edward Lapidge and dates from 1831. The sanctuary was added by Arthur Blomfield in 1888. The nave windows received their tracery after 1907.

 hampton_st_mary241116_21  hampton_st_mary241116_20
 hampton_st_mary241116_2  hampton_st_mary241116_1
 hampton_st_mary241116_3  hampton_st_mary241116_6
 hampton_st_mary241116_7  hampton_st_mary241116_10
 hampton_st_mary241116_11  hampton_st_mary241116_13
 hampton_st_mary241116_9  hampton_st_mary241116_16

St Andrew, Church Lane, Ham

In a rural backwater just off the main part of Ham Common. It was built in 1830-31 and designed by Edward Lapidge. Raphael Brandon added a south aisle in 1860 and Bodley & Garner added the chancel in 1900-01

ham_st_andrew101116_6 ham_st_andrew101116_3
 ham_st_andrew101116_1  ham_st_andrew101116_4
                          ham_st_andrew131116_  ham_st_andrew131116_42
 ham_st_andrew131116_13  ham_st_andrew131116_2
 ham_st_andrew131116_21  ham_st_andrew131116_16
 ham_st_andrew131116_8  ham_st_andrew131116_9
 ham_st_andrew131116_14  ham_st_andrew131116_4
 ham_st_andrew131116_5  ham_st_andrew131116_1
 ham_st_andrew131116_12  ham_st_andrew131116_11
 ham_st_andrew131116_3  ham_st_andrew131116_19
 ham_st_andrew131116_20  ham_st_andrew131116_33
 ham_st_andrew131116_25  ham_st_andrew131116_28
 ham_st_andrew131116_29  ham_st_andrew131116_27
 ham_st_andrew131116_38  ham_st_andrew131116_32