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St Mary, High Street, Putney

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Right on the River Thames at the southern end of Putney bridge. The tower is medieval but the body of the church was rebuilt by Edward Lapidge in 1836-37, retaining a small amount of older work including the West Chantry Chapel of the early 16th century. The church was restored in 1980-2 by Ronald Sims after a severe arson attack in 1973. A large hall above a cafe have been added on the south side through which the church is now entered.

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 putney_st_mary141216_4 putney_st_mary141216_6
 putney_st_mary141216_5  putney_st_mary141216_7
 putney_st_mary141216_11  putney_st_mary141216_15
 putney_st_mary141216_12  putney_st_mary141216_35
 putney_st_mary141216_36  putney_st_mary141216_34
 putney_st_mary141216_28  putney_st_mary141216_70
 putney_st_mary141216_52  putney_st_mary141216_53
 putney_st_mary141216_82  putney_st_mary141216_16
 putney_st_mary141216_21  putney_st_mary141216_22
 putney_st_mary141216_23  putney_st_mary141216_57
 putney_st_mary141216_39  putney_st_mary141216_50
 putney_st_mary141216_81  putney_st_mary141216_38
 putney_st_mary141216_62  putney_st_mary141216_43
 putney_st_mary141216_71  putney_st_mary141216_80
 putney_st_mary141216_77  putney_st_mary141216_74

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  1. In the background of the photo of the font part of the permanent display relating to the Putney Debates is just visible

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