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St Mildred, St MIldred’s Road, Lee

A large church of 1878-1879 by H. Elliott. Inside the sanctuary is being used as a storage area and is curtained off from the current altar platform. The 3 single light windows in the side chapel are the final work of Wilhelmina Geddes, dating from 1951, the apse windows are by William Morris (no relation) of Westminster from 1954, all replacing older glass blown out in the war. A cartoon of the original apse windows is on show in the church. The one complete pre-war window is by Heaton, Butler & Bayne.

The Good Shepherd, Handen Road/Wantage Road, Lee

A church of 1956-1957 by Thomas F. Ford. It is a replacement for a church of 1880 by Ernest Newton. The west end (which is the only part of the interior I have so far accessed) was converted into a hall in 1990.

St Peter, Eltham Road/Weighall Road, Lee

A small church of 1983 which replaced a church of 1960 that had developed structural problems. That church had replaced one of 1871, closed in 1939 and made redundant in 1960 after significant war damage. The architect is unrecorded.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee (Roman Catholic)

On the hill above Lee Station, this is a church of 1939 by a parishioner, Francis M. Panario.

St Margaret, Lee Terrace, Lee

This church replaces the ancient parish church which was sited over the road and of which the tower base survives. The rest of that church had been rebuilt in 1813 but was structurally unsound and replaced by the current church by John Brown of Norwich in 1839-1841. From outside it is a rather typical design of its time but inside a complex decorative scheme of the late 19th century has been restored. James Brooks lengthened the chancel, added chancel aisles and a wooden vault between 1875 and 1888.