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St James the Less, St James Avenue, Bethnal Green

The church was by Lewis Vulliamy in 1842 but reconstructed by J. Antony Lewis in 1960-61 within the side walls after war damage.

  bethnal_green_st_james_the_less071113_7  bethnal_green_st_james_the_less071113_6 
 bethnal_green_st_james_the_less071113_2  bethnal_green_st_james_the_less071113_5

St Barnabas, Grove Road, Bethnal Green

On a prominent corner site on the border of Bow and Bethnal Green. It was built in 1865 as a non conformist chapel but acquired by the Church of England in 1870. It was designed by William Wigginton. In the second world war it was  bombed out and rebuilt within the original walls in 1957 to the designs of J. Antony Lewis..

   bethnal_green_st_barnabas_rc071113_5  bethnal_green_st_barnabas_rc071113_1
 bethnal_green_st_barnabas_rc071113_6  bethnal_green_st_barnabas_rc071113_4
 bethnal_green_st_barnabas_rc071113_  bethnal_green_st_barnabas071113_

St Matthew, St Matthew’s Row, Bethnal Green

In a large open churchyard this church was originally of 1743-46 by George Dance the elder, it was remodelled in the 19th century but bombed out in 1940. It was rebuilt by J. Anthony Lewis in 1958-61. The exterior was restored to its original 18th century look, but a new interior with many contemporary art works was built within the walls.

bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_ bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_52
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_46  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_49
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_45  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_4
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_7  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_10
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_12  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_5
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_20  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_19
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_21  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_23
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_15  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_24
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_25  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_37
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_39  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_40
 bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_43  bethnal_green_st_matthew051013_44