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Cornerstone Church, Canterbury Road, Leytonstone

A church of 1998 that replaces St Catherine of 1893 (now an Elim Pentecostal church) and St. Paul’s Leyton of 1907 (but a slightly earlier mission church). It is a complex of rooms, offices, etc with a large worship space on the ground floor.

St Catherine, Hainault Road, Leytonstone (now Elim Pentecostal)

By Richard Creed, 1893 as an Anglican church but now an Elim Pentecostal church since 1977. The interior has been drastically reordered with a stage at the west end, seating and a reception area at the east, and offices and a gallery inserted over the former chancel area.

Holy Trinity and St Augustine, Holloway Road, Harrow Green, Leytonstone

Hidden away in modern low-rise housing. It was designed by Gerard Goalen in 1973 and replaced two 19th-century churches demolished in the early 1970s. The side chapel has stained glass from the former St Augustine, Haggerston. The outside is almost windowless at street level and rather forbidding, but inside there is natural light from above. The floor slopes slightly from the rear down to the chancel. There are some unusual Stations of the Cross, which are awkward to picture well, owing to their reflective picture frames

St Andrew, Leytonstone

Close to Whipps Cross hospital and right next to a southern extension of Epping Forest. A large church of 1887-92 by Sir Arthur Blomfield. Inside the nave’s western three bays have been divided off to create a hall area. Much of the stained glass is interesting arts and crafts work by Margaret Chilton, added over a long period during the first half of the 20th century.


leytonstone_st_andrew180413_8 leytonstone_st_andrew180413_9
leytonstone_st_andrew180413_7 leytonstone_st_andrew180413_5

St John the Baptist, Leytonstone

Leytonstone parish church. The original church is by Edward Blore 1832-33, a south aisle was added by Caroe and Passmore 1909-10.

leytonstone_st_john111212_2 leytonstone_st_john111212_

St Margaret with St Columba, Woodhouse Road, Leytonstone

Very high church suburban church built 1892-93 by J.T. Newman and W.Jacques. Three windows are by Gordon Bedingfield.

leytonstone_st_margaret111212_2  leytonstone_st_margaret111212_1
 leytonstone_st_margaret111212_          leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_3
 leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_2  leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_19
 leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_7  leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_1
 leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_  leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_17
 leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_4  leytonstone_st_margaret_and_columba200914_10