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St Peter, De Beauvoir Road, Hackney

On the edge of De Beauvoir Square, a church of 1840-41 by W.C. Lochner.

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 de_beauvoir_town_st_peter211113_4  de_beauvoir_town_st_peter211113_

St James, Enfield Highway

A Commissioner’s style church of 1831 by W.C. Lochner with a chancel of 1864 which was rebuilt following a fire in 1969 by J. Barrington-Baker and Partners. It sits in a large churchyard at the south end of the shopping area.

enfield_highway_st_james230116_  enfield_highway_st_james230116_75
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_66 enfield_highway_st_james230116_77
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_78  enfield_highway_st_james230116_72
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_3  enfield_highway_st_james230116_48
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_38 enfield_highway_st_james230116_30
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_39  enfield_highway_st_james230116_40
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_10  enfield_highway_st_james230116_13
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_4  enfield_highway_st_james230116_8
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_46  enfield_highway_st_james230116_9
enfield_highway_st_james230116_19 enfield_highway_st_james230116_22
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_56 enfield_highway_st_james230116_51
 enfield_highway_st_james230116_35  enfield_highway_st_james230116_15
enfield_highway_st_james230116_32  enfield_highway_st_james230116_62

St Andrew, Enfield

Enfield parish church, in the Market Place in a churchyard set back from the main street. It is basically a much restored medieval church with the south aisle rebuilt in  brick in 1824 by W.C. Lochner. Other restorations were carried out by J.P. St. Aubyn in 1866-67 and J.O. Scott in 1908-09