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St Stephen, Canonbury Road, Canonbury

An eccentric exterior by Inwood and Clifton 1837-1839. The interior  was rebuilt by A Llewellyn-Smith within the old walls in 1957-58. The main feature is the martyrdom of St Stephen by Brian Thomas. The interior was being set up for filming when I visited.

canonbury_st_stephen141213_2  canonbury_st_stephen141213_5
 canonbury_st_stephen141213_  canonbury_st _stephen191213_

St John, Hackney

By James Spiller 1791-94, restored after fire in 1955 by N.F. Cachemaile-Day and William C. Lock. During the Covid pandemic the interior was reordered by the Holy Trinity, Brompton plant that occupies the building. This page shows the current layout in the first set of images and the 2013 layout seen on my first visit.


2013 below

  hackney_st_john221112_4 hackney_st_john111212_
 hackney_st_john221112_2  hackney_st_john221112_1
 hackney_st_john221112_    hackney_st_john141213_
 hackney_st_john141213_8  hackney_st_john141213_20
 hackney_st_john141213_16  hackney_st_john141213_1
 hackney_st_john141213_22  hackney_st_john141213_12
 hackney_st_john141213_13  hackney_st_john141213_5
 hackney_st_john141213_7  hackney_st_john141213_17

St Barnabas, Homerton High Street

By Arthur Ashpitel 1845-1847, with the north aisle added in 1851. After WW2 damage, in 1944, it was rebuilt by William C. Lock with the chancel converted to ancillary rooms and reopened in 1958. The large paintings by Alfred Soord came from St Andrew, Bethnal Green, as were other furnishings now replaced. The WW1 memorial is carved into a nave pillar rather than a wall memorial. A full-height creche has been inserted into the southwest corner, but there are now plans to re-order the west end with a mezzanine and community facilities.