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St Bede, Bishops Avenue, Chadwell Heath (Roman Catholic)

Dating from 1963 by Purcell and Johnson in a neat group with the hall and presbytery.

chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_1  chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_10
 chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_4  chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_2
 chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_7  chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_3
 chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_9  chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_8
 chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_6  chadwell_heath_st_bede_rc260913_5

St Mark, Marks Gate, Chadwell Heath

A small church on an estate on the north site of Chadwell Heath. It dates from 1956.

marks_gate_st_markl260913_ marks_gate_st_markl260913_2

Hartley Brook Church, Dagenham

A small hall down a dead end street, a chapel of ease to St Mary, Becontree.

dagenham_hartley_brook_church260913_  dagenham_hartley_brook_church260913_1

St John the Divine, Goresbrook Road, Dagenham

Nominally an Anglican church but seemingly mainly used by The Redeemed Christian Church of God. It dates from 1986.

dagenham_st_john260913_ dagenham_st_john260913_1
 dagenham_st_john260913_3  dagenham_st_john260913_2

St Anne, Woodward Road, Dagenham (Roman Catholic)

A chapel of ease to St Thomas Moore dating from 1958.

dagenham_st_anne_rc260913_1 dagenham_st_anne_rc260913_3

St Thomas Moore, Longbridge Road, Barking (Roman Catholic)

A couple of kilometres north west of Barking town centre, a church of 1991 by Gerald Murphy of Burles, Newton and Partners added on to an older building of 1935.

Barking_st_thomas_more260913_ Barking_st_thomas_more260913_2
 Barking_st_thomas_more260913_3  Barking_st_thomas_more260913_4

St Mary and St Ethelburga, Linton Road, Barking (Roman Catholic)

Close to the town centre by John Newton of Newton, Burles and Partners and dating from 1979 replacing a 19th century church.

barking_st_mary_rc260913_2  barking_st_mary_rc260913_
 barking_st_mary_rc260913_8  barking_st_mary_rc260913_9
 barking_st_mary_rc260913_7  barking_st_mary_rc260913_5