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St Andrew new church, Church lane, Kingsbury

On a commanding site above the road. The church was built by Samuel Daukes and Hamilton in 1847 in Wells Street in central London. It was one of the earliest scholarly gothic revival buildings and had a stong Anglo-catholic ethos. Surplus to requirements in central London tt was moved to Kingsbury in 1934 by W.A Forsyth to provide an appropriately sized church for the growing suburb. Inside there are furnishings by the cream of 19th century architects and designers including Alfred Bell, Butterfield, Pearson and Street



St Andrew old church, Church lane, Kingsbury

A small norman and medieval church, restored in 1888 by Newman and Newman, in an overgrown churchyard. It was replaced by the relocated new St Andrew’s next door and is now maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust.


St Augustine, Forty Lane, Wembley Park

A small church well north of Wembley town centre. It dates from 1953 and is by W. Wylton Todd and Guy Biscoe, replacing a structurally compromised church of 1926. The tower was added in 1979.


St Joseph, High Road, Wembley (Roman Catholic)

A large church at one end of the main street, it dates from 1957 and is by Reynolds and Scott.


St Michael Tokyngton, St Michael’s Avenue, Wembley

A 1932 basilica by Cyril Farey serving a large area of 1930s suburbia north of the Harrow Road. The Tokyngton name derives from a medieval chapel that was in the area until the 1700s.


St Patrick, Hardie Close, Neasden (Roman Catholic)

A small church near the huge Neasden IKEA off the North Circular Road and serving the St Raphael’s Estate. It is by Burles, Newton and Partners and dates from 1979.


All Saints, Waltham Avenue, Queensbury

A large church in the middle of 1930s suburbia. It is by Romilly B. Craze and dates from 1954.