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St Paul, Church Hill, Winchmore Hill

Not far from the station, and rather hidden in trees, this is a very wide church of 1826-27 by John Davies. The original chancel was very short but a new larger one was added in 1889 along with vestries.

St Andrew, Chase Side, Southgate

Alongside the road, hiding a large ASDA superstore, north west of Southgate town centre. The church dates from 1903 and is by A.R. Barker with the sanctuary and north chapel added in 1916 by Barker and Kirk. There are striking modern stations of the Cross and a Triptych and several windows by local firm Cakebread Robey.


St Paul, Camlet Way, Hadley Wood

A small church of 1910 by Albert Kingwell in smart suburbia on the northern edge of Barnet.

hadley_wood_st_paul060615_  hadley_wood_st_paul060615_1
 hadley_wood_st_paul060615_3  hadley_wood_st_paul060615_4

Christ Church, The Green, Southgate, London N14 7EG

Side on to the road near The Green. It is a church of 1861-63 by George Gilbert Scott.Inside is a major collection of Morris & Co glass, much designed by Burne-Jones. Other glass is by Clayton & Bell.

southgate_christchurch170613_1  southgate_christchurch170613_
 southgate_christchurch170613_3 southgate_christchurch170613_5
 southgate_christ_church210613_41   southgate_christ_church210613_9
southgate_christ_church210613_10  southgate_christ_church210613_8
 southgate_christchurch170613_4    southgate_christ_church210613_7
 southgate_christ_church210613_28  southgate_christ_church210613_18
 southgate_christ_church210613_39 southgate_christ_church210613_38
 southgate_christ_church210613_34  southgate_christ_church210613_33
 southgate_christ_church210613_20  southgate_christ_church210613_17
 southgate_christ_church210613_15 southgate_christ_church210613_16
 southgate_christ_church210613_4  southgate_christ_church210613_5
 southgate_christ_church210613_6  southgate_christ_church210613_32

St Peter, Vera Avenue, Grange Park

In quiet suburbia near the station, a church of 1939-41 by Cyril Farey. There are many windows by Margaret Edith Rope, a selection of which are shown here. The modern Stations of the Cross include the less usual 15th – Resurrection. The font comes from the former City church of St Katherine Coleman.

   grange_park_st_peter170613_2  grange_park_st_peter170613_1
 grange_park_st_peter170613_3  grange_park_st_peter170613_4

Christ Church, Chalk Lane, Cockfosters EN4 9JQ

Down a small lane opposite Cockfosters tube station, a Commissioners style church of 1839 by H.E. Kendall. The eastern parts and north aisle were added by Arthur Blomfield in 1898.

cockfosters_christchurch170613_1 cockfosters_christchurch170613_9
 cockfosters_christchurch170613_4 cockfosters_christchurch170613_6

Christ the King, Bramley Road, Oakwood (Roman Catholic)

Striking international modern of 1940 by Dom Constantine Bosschaerts. It is the parochial part of a Benedictine priory.

oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_2 oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_7
 oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_4 oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_
 oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_9 oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_11
 oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_5 oakwood_christ_the_king_rc170613_3

St Thomas, Prince George Avenue, Oakwood

  oakwood_st_thomas170613_3  oakwood_st_thomas170613_7
oakwood_st_thomas170613_6 oakwood_st_thomas170613_2
 oakwood_st_thomas170613_1 oakwood_st_thomas170613_

Our Lady of Lourdes, Bowes Road, New Southgate

A basilica design of 1936 by J.A. Crush to which a narthex was added in 1986, designed by Boris Kaye.

      new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_7  new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_9
 new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_2  new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_1
 new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_3  new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_4
 new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_5 new_southgate_our_lady_rc170613_6

St Paul, Woodland Road, New Southgate

Hidden in trees very close to New Southgate station and very difficult to see properly. It is by George Gilbert Scott and dates from 1873.

new_southgate_st_paul170613_  new_southgate_st_paul170613_2
 new_southgate_st_paul170613_5 new_southgate_st_paul170613_4