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St Michael at Bowes, Palmerston Road, Bowes Park

A replacement church of the 1970s, hidden away off the North Circular Road.

bowes_park_st_michael_at_bowes170613_ bowes_park_st_michael_at_bowes170613_4

St John the Evangelist, Palmers Green

A prominent landmark on Green Lanes, the church was designed by John Oldrid Scott and was built 1903-1909. There is a wealth of post first world war Morris & Co glass, the east window by J.H. Dearle being particularly striking. There are more recent windows by Godard & Gibbs and a notable one of 1918 by Frank Salisbury (7 down on the right hand side).

palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_1  palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_
 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_7 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_23
palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_17 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_6
 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_27  palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_26
 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_30  palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_22
 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_21 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_20
 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_19  palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_18
 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_12 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_14
 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_15 palmers_green_st_john_the_evangelist170613_8

St Monica, Palmers Green (Roman Catholic)

Just up the road from the anglican parish church. It dates from 1913-14 and is by Edward Goldie. The striking east window is by Carmel Cauchi and is of 1984.

  palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_1  palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_
palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_8 palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_7
 palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_13  palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_11
palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_5 palmers_green_st_monica_rc170613_9

Holy Trinity, Winchmore Hill

On Green Lanes the main road through the suburb, it was originally by J.S. Alder dating from 1906-07, but apart from the tower and west end, heavily rebuilt and reorientated after a fire in 1978.


St Mark, Bush Hill Park, Enfield

A typical large church by J.E.K. and J.P. Cutts from 1893-1915. As with virtually all of their churches the tower is incomplete.

  enfield_st_mark170613_3  enfield_st_mark170613_5
enfield_st_mark170613_4 enfield_st_mark170613_1
 enfield_st_mark170613_      bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_19
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_9 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_30
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_27  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_21
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_22  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_15
 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_8  bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_25
bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_24 bush_hill_park_st_mark230116_4

St Stephen, Park Avenue, Enfield

Well sited on a corner, It is one of J.S. Alder’s conservative early 20th century gothic buildings. The east end dates from 1906-07, the west from 1915.

    enfield_st_stephen170613_5 enfield_st_stephen170613_4
enfield_st_stephen170613_2 enfield_st_stephen170613_6
enfield_st_stephen170613_1 enfield_st_stephen170613_3

Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George, Enfield (Roman Catholic)

Just south of the town centre a basilica style church of 1958 by J.E. Sterrett and B.D. Kaye.

 enfield_our_lady_rc170613_6 enfield_our_lady_rc170613_3
enfield_our_lady_rc170613_5 enfield_our_lady_rc170613_1

All Saints, Church Street, Edmonton

The original parish church of Edmonton, with a 15th century tower. The north side has a brick facing from 1772 and the south aisle is of 1889 by W. Gilbee Scott. A few Norman remains are built into the west wall having been discovered when the south aisle was added.

 edmonton_all_saints130613_4 edmonton_all_saints130613_6
 edmonton_all_saints130613_7  edmonton_all_saints130613_3

St Aldhelm, Silver Street, Edmonton

Well west of the town centre, one of W.D. Caroe’s striking churches, this one dates from 1903.

edmonton_st_aldhelm130613_1  edmonton_st_aldhelm130613_

St Michael Bassishaw (former), Bury Street, Edmonton

A distinctive church of 1901 by W.D. Caroe, made redundant in 1982, and now used as housing.