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St Mary of Zion, Lower Clapton Road (Ethiopian Orthodox)

The church currently worships in St James Anglican church next door. In 2011 they acquired the Palace Pavillion nightclub that had closed in 2006 (formerly the Clapton Cinematograph built in 1910) to convert into their own church building. As of 2018 the work seems to be progressing slowly.

St Barnabas, Shacklewell Row, Dalston

One of Charles Reilly’s few buildings – this church dates from 1909-11. The screen was added in 1935 to designs by Tyson Smith. It is part of an east end mission created by Merchant Taylor’s School and lies hidden behind the school house. Both have been brought back into use by an evangelical plant who have restored the school, the church is little changed.

 shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_  shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_1
shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_2 shacklewell_st_barnabas281113_3
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_19  dalston_st_barnabas200914_23
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_16 dalston_st_barnabas200914_5
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_1  dalston_st_barnabas200914_10
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_6  dalston_st_barnabas200914_13
 dalston_st_barnabas200914_7  dalston_st_barnabas200914_8

St James, Lower Clapton Road, Clapton Pond

By E.C. Hakewill 1840-41, to which W.D.Caroe added a chancel and eastern bay and vestries in 1902. The interior is now divided into two with the crossing, transepts and chancel used as a church and the nave for community uses.

  clapton_st_james141213_3  clapton_st_james141213_2
 clapton_st_james141213_1  clapton_st_james141213_5

St Mary (old church), Stoke Newington

Over the road from its Victorian replacement, the old church of 1563 remains in use. It was restored in 1827-29 by Charles Barry, the spire dating from this time.

stoke_newington_st_mary_old_church281113_2  stoke_newington_st_mary_old_church210916_1
     stoke_newington_st_mary_old_church210916_7  stoke_newington_st_mary_old_church210916_5
 stoke_newington_old_church301016_25  stoke_newington_st_mary_old_church210916_11
 stoke_newington_old_church301016_21  stoke_newington_old_church301016_16
 stoke_newington_old_church301016_4  stoke_newington_old_church301016_15
 stoke_newington_old_church301016_10  stoke_newington_old_church301016_2
 stoke_newington_old_church301016_1  stoke_newington_old_church301016_6
 stoke_newington_old_church301016_23  stoke_newington_old_church301016_9
 stoke_newington_old_church301016_22  stoke_newington_old_church301016_18

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Bouverie Road, Stoke Newington (Roman Catholic)

A church of 1936 by T.H.B. Scott near the west side of Abney Park Cemetery

 stoke_newington_our_lady_of_good_counsel_rc281113_1  stoke_newington_our_lady_of_good_counsel_rc281113_6

St Mathias, Mathias Road, Stoke Newington

One of William Butterfield’s major works, dating from 1849-53. There was severe war damage to the church whose rebuilding was completed in 1954. The interior is now relatively simply decorated with much post war glass and the sanctuary brought forward under the tower.


St Scholastica, Kenninghall Road, Clapton (Roman Catholic)

By J.E Sterret and B.D. Kaye 1963.

clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_ clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_2
 clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_3  clapton_st_scholastica_rc281113_5

St Paul, Stoke Newington Road, West Hackney

A WW2 replacement. It is by N.F. Cachemaille-Day and dates from 1960-62.

west_hackney_st_paull281113_2  west_hackney_st_paull281113_4
 west_hackney_st_paull281113_1  west_hackney_st_paull281113_19
 west_hackney_st_paull281113_5  west_hackney_st_paull281113_9
 west_hackney_st_paull281113_18 west_hackney_st_paull281113_14
 west_hackney_st_paull281113_17  west_hackney_st_paull281113_8
 west_hackney_st_paull281113_10  west_hackney_st_paull281113_11

St Michael and All Angels, Fountayne Road, Stoke Newington

A church of 1883-85 by J.E.K. Cutts on the eastern edge of the common.

stoke_newington_st_michael281113_3  stoke_newington_st_michael281113_4
 stoke_newington_st_michael281113_1 stoke_newington_st_michael281113_6

St Matthew, Mount Pleasant Lane, Upper Clapton

Originally the church hall for a 19th century church destroyed by fire in 1976.

clapton_st_matthew281113_2  clapton_st_matthew281113_5
 clapton_st_matthew281113_3  clapton_st_matthew281113_4