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St Stephen, Canonbury Road, Canonbury

An eccentric exterior by Inwood and Clifton 1837-1839. The interior  was rebuilt by A Llewellyn-Smith within the old walls in 1957-58. The main feature is the martyrdom of St Stephen by Brian Thomas. The interior was being set up for filming when I visited.

canonbury_st_stephen141213_2  canonbury_st_stephen141213_5
 canonbury_st_stephen141213_  canonbury_st _stephen191213_

St Paul, Essex Road, Canonbury

Since 1997 a Steiner School, the church was designed by Charles Barry 1826-28.

   canonbury_st_paul_formerl141213_10  canonbury_st_paul_formerl141213_1
 canonbury_st_paul_formerl141213_4 canonbury_st_paul_formerl141213_5

St Jude and St Paul, Mildmay Grove

By A.D. Gough from 1855, with the chancel, aisles and clerestory added in 1871 by Edwin Clare.

mildmay_st_jude_st_paul141213_4 mildmay_st_jude_st_paul141213_6

St Augustine, Highbury New Park, Highbury

Built as part of the Highbury Park estate and designed by Habershon and Brock in 1869-70

highbury_st_augustine141213_3  highbury_st_augustine141213_5
 highbury_st_augustine141213_7 highbury_st_augustine141213_

Blessed Sacrament, Copenhagen Street, Islington

Designed by Robert L. Curtis and built in 1916.

islington_blessed_sacrement_rc091213_  islington_blessed_sacrement_rc091213_2

All Saints, Caledonian Road/Carnegie Street, Islington

A hall/church of 1977.

islington_all_saints091213_1 islington_all_saints091213_2

Church on the Corner, Barnsbury Road

Originally the derelict King Edward VII pub at 64 Barnsbury Road, it became an Anglican church in 1994. There appear to be no church like fittings inside.

barnsbury_church_on_the_cornerr091213_ barnsbury_church_on_the_cornerr091213_1