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The Charterhouse Chapel, Charterhouse Square, Clerkenwell

The Charterhouse was originally a Carthusian Priory, it was replaced by a Mansion that became a boy’s school and is now an almshouse. The complex of buildings right on the edge of the City of London includes a chapel. The chapel was created from the Priory’s 14th-century chapter house in the early 17th century. A classical north aisle was added in 1612-1614. An outer aisle was added in 1824. Many of the furnishings were added in the early 17th century. There is a large monument to Thomas Sutton by Nicholas Stone completed in 1615.

St. Anthony the Great and St. John the Baptist, Sussex Way, Holloway (Greek Orthodox)

In a former  Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapel near the Seven Sisters Road/Hornsey Road junction.  The church was built in 1873 and designed by A.G. Hennell. Church website


St John, St John’s Square, Clerkenwell

The church of the former St John’s Priory. The building has been much changed over the years and is no longer a parish church, but forms part of the Order of St John Museum. The church is a rebuilding of 1721-23 of the chancel of the priory, itself rebuilt in 1955-58 by Seely and Paget after war damage. Below it is the crypt which was built in two stages, the west end is mid 12th century and the east end and transepts date from about 1185. It was restored in 1900-01 and 1904-07 by John Oldrid Scott.

clerkenwell_st_john191213_ clerkenwell_st_john191213_17
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_15  clerkenwell_st_john191213_3
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_5  clerkenwell_st_john191213_1
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_6  clerkenwell_st_john191213_4
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_14  clerkenwell_st_john191213_11
 clerkenwell_st_john191213_10  clerkenwell_st_john191213_7

St Joseph, Bunhill Row, Clerkenwell (Roman Catholic)

A subterranean church, accessed by a flight of stairs down from the street and not physically in Bunhill Row itself, though a large painted sign on the former school above points to it. It dates from 1901, architect unknown.

bunhill_row_st_joseph_rc191213_ bunhill_row_st_joseph_rc191213_2

St Luke’s Church Centre (former), Roscoe Street, Clerkenwell

A hall that replaced St Luke, Old street in 1977, designed by Biscoe and Stanton and not now in use as an anglican church and is currently being offered for rent.

old_street_st_luke_church_centre191213_2  old_street_st_luke_church_centre191213_1

St Clement, King Square, Clerkenwell

Built in 1826 to designs by Thomas Hardwick, it was damaged in WW2 and reopened in 1954 after repairs by Norman Haines. The pulpit in from the 18th century, coming from St Marylebone chapel.

St Silas, Penton Street, Pentonville

Started in 1860 to designs by S.S. Teulon but completed in 1863 by E.P. Loftus Brock, the chancel was added in 1884 by William White. In 2009 it was re-roofed using solar tiles. The reredos and Stations of the Cross are by Michael Coles.

islington_st_silas191213_ islington_st_silas191213_1
 islington_st_silas191213_2  pentonville_st_silas171015_47
 islington_st_silas191213_3                    pentonville_st_silas171015_48
 pentonville_st_silas171015_25  pentonville_st_silas171015_11
 pentonville_st_silas171015_44  pentonville_st_silas171015_45
 pentonville_st_silas171015_29  pentonville_st_silas171015_5
 pentonville_st_silas171015_28  pentonville_st_silas171015_10
 pentonville_st_silas171015_12  pentonville_st_silas171015_18
 pentonville_st_silas171015_20  pentonville_st_silas171015_46
 pentonville_st_silas171015_27  pentonville_st_silas171015_33
 pentonville_st_silas171015_34  pentonville_st_silas171015_35
 pentonville_st_silas171015_36  pentonville_st_silas171015_37

St Peter and St Paul, Amwell Street, Clerkenwell (Roman Catholic)

Originally built for the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion in 1835, it was bought by the Roman Catholic church in 1847.

clerkenwell_st_peter_st_paul_rc141213_  clerkenwell_st_peter_st_paul_rc141213_1
 clerkenwell_st_peter_st_paul_rc141213_2  clerkenwell_st_peter_st_paul_rc141213_3

St Stephen, Canonbury Road, Canonbury

An eccentric exterior by Inwood and Clifton 1837-1839. The interior  was rebuilt by A Llewellyn-Smith within the old walls in 1957-58. The main feature is the martyrdom of St Stephen by Brian Thomas. The interior was being set up for filming when I visited.

canonbury_st_stephen141213_2  canonbury_st_stephen141213_5
 canonbury_st_stephen141213_  canonbury_st _stephen191213_

St Paul, Essex Road, Canonbury

Since 1997 a Steiner School, the church was designed by Charles Barry 1826-28.