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St Pius X, The Triangle, Norbiton (Roman catholic)

A small suburban church of 1955, architect unknown.

new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_ new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_1
 new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_3  new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_4

Christ Church, Coombe Road, New Malden

A long low building of 1866 by Freshwater & Brandon, north of New Malden station. There is a large modern extension on the north side.

          new_malden_christ_church200314_25 new_malden_christ_church200314_3
 new_malden_christ_church200314_26  new_malden_christ_church200314_15
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 new_malden_christ_church200314_21  new_malden_christ_church200314_4
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St Mary, Chessington

The old village church of Chessington, now surrounded by housing. basically a 13th century building with restorations by R. Hesketh (bell turret 1854) and T.G. Jackson (south aisle 1870).

chessington_st_mary270214_1 chessington_st_mary270214_7
 chessington_st_mary270214_5  chessington_st_mary270214_3

St Paul, Hook Road, Hook

On the main road north of the shopping area. It is by Carpenter and Ingelow and dates from 1881-83

 hook_st_paul270214_2 hook_st_paul270214_6
 hook_st_paul270214_9  hook_st_paul270214_8

Our Lady Immaculate, Tolworth (Roman Catholic)

At one end of the town centre, a large basilica of 1956-58 by W.C. Mangan.

tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_ tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_1
 tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_3  tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_4
 tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_6  tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_12
 tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_11  tolworth_our_lady_immaculate_rc270214_7

Emmanuel, Grand Avenue, Tolworth

Some way north east of the town centre, architect unknown, dating from 1935 with a post war wooden western extension.

      tolworth_emmanuel270214_10  tolworth_emmanuel270214_11
 tolworth_emmanuel270214_6  tolworth_emmanuel270214_
 tolworth_emmanuel270214_8  tolworth_emmanuel270214_1
 tolworth_emmanuel270214_4  tolworth_emmanuel270214_7

St George, Hamilton Avenue, Tolworth

Behind the town centre, a church of 1934 by T.F. Ford. The interior (Feb 2014) is currently stripped out.

tolworth_st_george270214_1 tolworth_st_george270214_4
 tolworth_st_george270214_5  tolworth_st_george270214_3