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St George, Borough Road, Kingston upon Thames (Greek Orthodox)

A conversion of an old school to a churcg and Greek School.

kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_  kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_1
 kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_3  kingston_st_george_greek_orthodox251014_2

Christ Church, King Charles Road, Surbiton

A large church of 1862-63 by C.L. Luck. It was lengthened in 1866 and north and south chancel aisles added in 1864 and 1871 respectively. The interior has been partitioned and reordered to create an evangelical church centre.

surbiton_christ_church200314_  surbiton_christ_church200314_2
 surbiton_christ_church200314_22  surbiton_christ_church200314_25
 surbiton_christ_church200314_24  surbiton_christ_church200314_19
 surbiton_christ_church200314_11  surbiton_christ_church200314_7
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 surbiton_christ_church200314_4  surbiton_christ_church200314_3

St Matthew, St Matthew’s Avenue, Surbiton

A landmark on the approach from the South to Surbiton. It is a design by C.L. Luck from 1874-75.

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St John, Church Road, Old Malden

On the edge of open countryside, this is a church of the early 17th century, with an older chancel and a much larger nave and chancel added in 1875 by T.G.Jackson.

old_malden_st_john200314_ old_malden_st_john200314_5
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 ???????????????????????????????  old_malden_st_john200314_1

St James, Malden Road, New Malden

A large church by the Kingston by-pass. It was built 1935 by Newberry and Fowler.

  new_malden_st_james200314_4  new_malden_st_james200314_6
 new_malden_st_james200314_1  new_malden_st_james200314_3

St Joseph, Kingston Road, New Malden (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1922-35 by Osmund Bentley and completed by Adrian Gilbert Scott.

new_malden_st_joseph_rc200314_2  new_malden_st_john200314_5
 new_malden_st_joseph_rc200314_1  new_malden_st_joseph_rc200314_3

St John, Kingston Road, New Malden

A small church of 1939 by Newberry and Fowler on the busy road to Kingston.

new_malden_st_john200314_  new_malden_st_john200314_1
 new_malden_st_john200314_2  new_malden_st_john200314_3