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St Paul, Arrowsmith Road, Hainault

A church of 1951 on the large Hainault estate, whose architect is unknown. The interior is very plain, and although always evangelical, the chancel is raised up several steps. A former chapel is now a lounge area.

Ilford Hospital Chapel

The chapel of a medieval hospital on the edge of Ilford town centre. South aisle and lady chapel were added in by J.M. Brooks in 1889-90. There are two Burne Jones designed William Morris windows.

ilford_hospital_chapel210913_7 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_8
 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_6  ilford_hospital_chapel210913_4
 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_3  ilford_hospital_chapel210913_5
 ilford_hospital_chapel210913_1  ilford_hospital_chapel210913_2

St Theresa, Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park (Roman Catholic)

Alongside the busy Eastern Avenue, it dates from 1951-52 and was designed by Donald Plaskett Marshall.

St Francis of Assisi, Fencepiece Road, Hainault

Designed by J.J. Crowe and built in 1956.

hainault_st_francis120413_2 hainault_st_francis120413_1

The Assumption, Manford Road, Hainault (Roman Catholic)

From 1952-53, designed by D.R.Burles. It is in the shopping centre of a large post war estate.

hainault_assumption_rc120413_2 hainault_assumption_rc120413_3
 hainault_assumption_rc120413_1 hainault_assumption_rc120413_

St Andrew, Chingford Lane, Woodford Green

A small chapel of ease, the architect seems unrecorded but the church dates from the late 19th century with later additions.

woodford_wells_st_andrew20413_2  woodford_wells_st_andrew20413_

St Gabriel, Aldersbrook Road, Aldersbrook

Facing Wanstead Flats (a large area of open land not a housing estate). Designed by Charles Spooner and completed in 1914.


St Thomas of Canterbury, Woodford Wells (Roman Catholic)

Very near All Saints anglican church, it dates from 1895-96 and was designed by A.J.C. Scoles

          woodford_wells_st_thomas_rc020413_10  woodford_wells_st_thomas_rc020413_1








































All Saints, Inmans Row, Woodford Wells

Dating from 1874 and designed by F.E.C. Streatfield. It sits very attractively at the north end of Woodford Green. A large extension called The Atrium has been built onto the north side connecting it to halls and other rooms.

     woodford_wells_all_saints020413_6 woodford_wells_all_saints020413_2
 woodford_wells_all_saints020413_ woodford_wells_all_saints020413_4
 woodford_wells_all_saints020413_1 woodford_wells_all_saints020413_5

St Barnabas, Snakes Lane East, Woodford

The church for the commercial centre of Woodford near the station. It was designed by Edwin T. Dunn in 1910-11 and the west end was added in 1963-64 by Laurence King.

woodford_st_barnabas020413_3  woodford_st_barnabas020413_6
 woodford_st_barnabas020413_2 woodford_st_barnabas020413_5
 woodford_st_barnabas020413_  woodford_st_barnabas020413_4