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Guy’s Hospital Chapel, St Thomas Street, Southwark

In the west wing of the hospital, it is part of a range of 1774-1780 designed by Richard Jupp. Inside is the huge monument to the hospital’s founder Thomas Guy sculpted by John Bacon in 1779.

St Jude (Former), St George’s Road, Southwark now New Testament Church of God

A short but tall church of 1897-99 by W.J.H. Leverton.

Christ Church, Blackfriars Road, Southwark

A replacement of 1960 for a war-damaged 17th and 18th-century church. It is by R. Paxton Watson and B. Costin. Inside the stained glass is largely of a secular nature reflecting the history of the area.

Most Precious Blood, O’Meara Street, Southwark (Roman Catholic)

Overshadowed by railway arches this is a church of 1891-91 by F.A. Walters. Access was limited by building work (December 2018)

St Wilfrid, Lorrimore Road, Kennington Park

Only the entrance end faces the street. The church dates from 1915 and is by F.A. Walters.

St John, Larcom Street, Walworth

Hidden away on a small back street this is a church by Henry Jarvis of 1859-1860. The tower was formerly taller with a saddleback top.

English Martyrs, Rodney Road, Walworth (Roman Catholic)

On a corner site and facing down an approach road, this is a church of 1902-1903 by F.W. Tasker. The interior has a run of almost full-size statues of martyrs at the base of each arcade arch. A Lady Chapel is in a glazed off area at the entrance end.

Lady Margaret Church (previously St John’s College Mission), Chatham Street, Walworth now Cherubim & Seraphim church (Mount of Salvation)

A typical Ewan Christian church of 1889. It has been redundant since 1983 and since 1986 it has been leased to the Cherubim & Seraphim church (Mount of Salvation).

Our Lady of Sorrows, Bird in Bush Road, Peckham (Roman Catholic)

A large church of 1859 by E.W.Pugin, alongside the east end there are the buildings of an associated Friary from the 1880s. It was served by Capuchin Friars up to 2000 and after a number of years under diocesan control it is now served by a Vincentian community The west end is partly hidden by a derelict looking church hall of 1937.  As of November 2018, there is considerable building work going on the exterior’s south side.

St Andrew (Former), Glengall Road, Peckham now Celestial Church of Christ

A church of 1865-65 by Enoch Bassett Keeling. It was declared redundant in 1978 and leased to CCC from 1980.  The inside has been refurbished in typical CCC style and has a mezzanine floor inserted over half of the nave and the west gallery boxed in and the north aisle windows blocked.