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Christ Church, Christchurch Park, Sutton

A large church in 19th century suburbia south of the railway station. It dates from 1887-88 and is by Newman and Jacques. The low west end was added 1910-12 by J.D. Round.

sutton_christ_church240215_1  sutton_christ_church240215_53
 sutton_christ_church240215_50  sutton_christ_church240215_54
 sutton_christ_church240215_51  sutton_christ_church240215_52
 sutton_christ_church240215_2  sutton_christ_church240215_3
 sutton_christ_church240215_13  sutton_christ_church240215_49
 sutton_christ_church240215_44  sutton_christ_church240215_48
 sutton_christ_church240215_46  sutton_christ_church240215_17
 sutton_christ_church240215_22  sutton_christ_church240215_12
 sutton_christ_church240215_6  sutton_christ_church240215_23
 sutton_christ_church240215_14  sutton_christ_church240215_40
 sutton_christ_church240215_37  sutton_christ_church240215_35

St Nicholas, St Nicholas Way, Sutton

Sutton parish church but hidden away behind the shopping area, this is a church of 1862-64 by Edwin Nash.

   sutton_st_nicholas050315_6 sutton_st_nicholas050315_7
 sutton_st_nicholas240215_8  sutton_st_nicholas050315_35
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 sutton_st_nicholas050315_32  sutton_st_nicholas050315_25
 sutton_st_nicholas050315_22  sutton_st_nicholas050315_24
 sutton_st_nicholas050315_1  sutton_st_nicholas050315_11
 sutton_st_nicholas050315_12  sutton_st_nicholas050315_30
 sutton_st_nicholas050315_21  sutton_st_nicholas050315_3
 sutton_st_nicholas050315_13  sutton_st_nicholas050315_27
 sutton_st_nicholas050315_9  sutton_st_nicholas050315_2

Our Lady of the Rosary, St Barnabas Lane, Sutton (Roman Catholic)

Originally a combined church and school of 1892 by Edward Ingress Bell, John Hawes added a new sanctuary in 1922 and a north aisle was added in 1932.

 sutton_our_lady_of_the_rosary240215_ sutton_our_lady_of_the_rosary240215_2
 sutton_our_lady_of_the_rosary240215_3  sutton_our_lady_of_the_rosary240215_1

St Barnabas, St Barnabas Road, Sutton

In the “New Town” east of the town centre, this is a church of 1884-91 by Carpenter & Ingelow.

sutton_st_barnabas240215_ sutton_st_barnabas240215_1
 sutton_st_barnabas240215_2  sutton_st_barnabas240215_3

Holy Family, Sorrento Road, Sutton Green, Sutton (Roman Catholic)

A small church of 1988 designed and built by Stocks Buildings Ltd.

sutton_holy_family_rc240215_1 sutton_holy_family_rc240215_2

All Saints, All Saints Road, Benhilton

In a commanding hill-top position as you come north out of Sutton. It is by S.S. Teulon and dates from 1863-66.

benhilton_all_saints240215_1  benhilton_all_saints240215_2
 benhilton_all_saints240215_5  benhilton_all_saints240215_3

St Cecilia, Stonecot Hill, North Cheam (Roman Catholic)

Just in Sutton borough, it was designed by H. S. Goodhart-Rendel and built in 1957.

north_cheam_st_cecilia_rc230115_ north_cheam_st_cecilia_rc230115_1

St Peter, Bishopsford Road, St Helier

A large church serving the northern part of the St Helier estate. It dates from 1932 and was designed by Charles Nicholson.

st_helier_st_peter290115_ st_helier_st_peter290115_1
 st_helier_st_peter290115_5  st_helier_st_peter290115_3