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St Paul, Mollison Drive, Roundshaw

By the shops on the estate that replaced Croydon Airport (hence the propeller blade cross). The church is part of a community complex built in 2003 and designed by K.C. White.

 roundshaw_st_paul050315_  roundshaw_st_paul050315_3
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 roundshaw_st_paul050315_5  roundshaw_st_paul050315_6
 ???????????????????????????????  roundshaw_st_paul050315_1

St Patrick, Park Hill Road, Wallington

Deep in suburbia and well south of the town centre. The church dates from 1932 and is by Newberry & Fowler.

  wallington_st_patrick050314_2  wallington_st_patrick050314_3
 wallington_st_patrick050314_1  wallington_st_patrick050314_4

St Michael & All Angels, Milton Road, South Beddington

Actually very close to Wallington Roman catholic Church. It is by W.D. Caroe and dates from 1906.

south_beddington_st_michael050315_  south_beddington_st_michael050315_2
 south_beddington_st_michael050315_4  south_beddington_st_michael050315_7
 south_beddington_st_michael050315_6  south_beddington_st_michael050315_9

Saint Elphege, Stafford Road, Wallington (Roman Catholic)

Away from the town centre, a church of 1971 by Williams & Winkley.

 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_ wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_2
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_7  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_3
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_6  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_5
 wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_4  wallington_st_elphege_rc050315_1

Holy Trinity, Maldon Road/Manor Road, Wallington

By Habershon and Brock dating from 1867. On my original visit in March 2015 the interior was inaccessible owing to a major restoration and reordering which was finished in November 2015. On the north side of the church, there is a large atrium linking the church through its north wall to a complex of halls and other rooms. The final two images show the church under restoration in 2015.

 wallington_holy_trinity050315_1 wallington_holy_trinity050315_2

St Mary, Church Road, Beddington

Attractively sited in a large churchyard next to Beddington Park and Carew Manor. Much of it dates from the 14th century with an 1867-69 restoration by Joseph Clarke, with the dormers added in 1907 bu H.P. Burke-Downing. Apart from the new north aisle, added by Clarke, most walls are covered in 19th-century paintings and stencilling. There is an organ case with early William Morris decoration and a huge doom altarpiece, now at the west end of the north aisle, by Clayton and Bell. There are a number of misericords in the choir stalls.

beddington_st_mary050315_ beddington_st_mary050315_4
 beddington_st_mary050315_5  beddington_st_mary050315_10
 beddington_st_mary050315_9  beddington_st_mary050315_7

Bishop Andrewes Church, Wigmore Road, St Helier

In the southern part of this huge between the wars estate. The church dates from 1933 and was designed by Geddes Hyslop. Only the eastern third is now used for worship.

              st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_25  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_26
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_29  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_27
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_2
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_6  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_11
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_3  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_14
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_12  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_21
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_15  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_17
 st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_16  st_helier_bishop_andrewes240215_18

Holy Cross, North Street, Carshalton (Roman Catholic)

A small church next to the Railway bridge, dating from 1933 and by W.C. Mangan.

         carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_13  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_16
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_17 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_8  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_7
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_1  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_5
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_6  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_11
 carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_3  carshalton_holy_cross_rc240215_2

All Saints, High Street, Carshalton

Attractively sited above the High Street and Carshalton Ponds, with a large churchyard to the south. Most of the church is by Arthur and Reginald Blomfield 1891-1914 but the south aisle is medieval in its lower and of 1723 in it upper parts. Inside is a reredos and screen by Bodley, this was extended by Ninian Comper who also added the huge organ loft and two windows in the 1930s.

          carshalton_all_saints240215_15  carshalton_all_saints240215_3
 carshalton_all_saints240215_2  carshalton_all_saints240215_12
 carshalton_all_saints240215_9  carshalton_all_saints240215_8
 carshalton_all_saints240215_6  carshalton_all_saints240215_7
 carshalton_all_saints240215_1  carshalton_all_saints240215_10
                 carshalton_all_saints050315_14  carshalton_all_saints050315_16
 carshalton_all_saints050315_22  carshalton_all_saints050315_26
 carshalton_all_saints050315_25  carshalton_all_saints050315_28
 carshalton_all_saints050315_31  carshalton_all_saints050315_33
 carshalton_all_saints050315_36  ???????????????????????????????
 carshalton_all_saints050315_39  carshalton_all_saints050315_40
 carshalton_all_saints050315_43  carshalton_all_saints050315_42
 carshalton_all_saints050315_45  carshalton_all_saints050315_46
 carshalton_all_saints050315_41  ???????????????????????????????
 carshalton_all_saints050315_54  carshalton_all_saints050315_52
 carshalton_all_saints050315_47  carshalton_all_saints050315_1
 carshalton_all_saints050315_55  carshalton_all_saints050315_12
 carshalton_all_saints050315_3  carshalton_all_saints050315_5
 carshalton_all_saints050315_19  carshalton_all_saints050315_18
 carshalton_all_saints050315_9  carshalton_all_saints050315_8
 carshalton_all_saints050315_20  carshalton_all_saints050315_4
 carshalton_all_saints050315_6  carshalton_all_saints050315_10
 carshalton_all_saints050315_13  carshalton_all_saints050315_23

St John the Baptist, Northdown Road, Belmont

A the top of the hill above the main street at the southern tip of Sutton borough. The church is by Greenaway and Newberry and dates from 1915. The huge west window was originally in St Paul’s church in St Leonard’s, Sussex (demolished in 1964).

belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_16
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_20 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_19
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_2  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_8
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_5  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_3
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_12  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_11
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_7  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_9
 belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_4  belmont_st_john_the_baptist240215_18