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St Mark (Former), North Audley Street, Mayfair now Mercato Mayfair

By J.P. Gandy Deering and dating from 1824-28. It closed as an Anglican church in 1974 and was until recently, an events venue called Number One Mayfair (last two images). Currently (2020) the building has been restored and it is a food market and court called Mercato Mayfair. There are community facilities underneath. Much of the interior dates from a reconstruction by Arthur Blomfield in 1878. A war memorial chapel was added at the northeast in 1921.








Christ Church, Down Street, Mayfair

Not far from Piccadilly is this church of 1865 by F & H Francis. It is now the base for an evangelical Anglican plant. A fire in 1906 led to a rebuilding by R.L. Hesketh

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Ukranian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile formerly The King’s Weigh House Chapel, Duke Street, Mayfair

A little way south of Oxford Street it was originally built as a Congregational Chapel in 1889-91 and designed by Alfred Waterhouse. It became an eastern rite Catholic church in 1967.

 mayfair_ukranian_catholic_cathedral080514_ mayfair_ukranian_catholic_cathedral

Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley Street,

Originally a proprietary (i.e. private) chapel in Mayfair. The architect is probably Benjamin Timbrell and it was built 1730-31. The chancel was seperated off with a screen to form a lady chapel in 1912-13

westminster_grosvenor_chapel230111_2 westminster_grosvenor_chapel230111_1
 westminster_grosvenor_chapel230111_  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_
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 mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_13  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_11
 mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_9  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_10
 mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_7  mayfair_grosvenor_chapel080514_8

Immaculate Conception, Farm Street (Roman Catholic)

A large Roman Catholic church in Mayfair, it is the Jesuit’s English headquarters. It was built by J.J. Scoles 1844-49. Outer aisles were added in 1876-78 by Henry Clutton and 1898-1903 W.H. Romaine-Walker.

  westminster_immaculate_conception_rc_farm_street230111_1  westminster_immaculate_conception_rc_farm_street230111_3
 westminster_immaculate_conception_rc_farm_street230111_2 westminster_immaculate_conception_rc_farm_street230111_