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St Pius X, The Triangle, Norbiton (Roman catholic)

A small suburban church of 1955, architect unknown.

new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_ new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_1
 new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_3  new_malden_st_pius_x_rc200314_4

St Peter, London Road, Norbiton

A very early Gilbert Scott church of 1841, while he was in partnership with William Moffat. It is in the later derided neo Norman style. The interior retains a full set of galleries.

        norbiton_st_peter200214_19  norbiton_st_peter200214_22
 norbiton_st_peter200214_17  norbiton_st_peter200214_
 norbiton_st_peter200214_7  norbiton_st_peter200214_14
 norbiton_st_peter200214_8  norbiton_st_peter200214_3
 norbiton_st_peter200214_2  norbiton_st_peter200214_5