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St Mark, Cadogan Terrace, Old Ford (former)

Built 1973-76 to replace a war damaged church, now a Montessori nursery just outside the south eastern (St Mark’s) gates of Victoria Park.

old_ford-st_mark210815_  old_ford_st_mark_former161113_1

St Paul and St Stephen, St Stephen’s Road, Old Ford

Originally by Newman and Billing and dating from 1873-78. It was disused from 1993 to 2003 when it was converted to a variety of uses by Matthew Lloyd Architects who inserted a large multi floored structure into the building retaining the chancel and nave east end as a worship space. At some point the top of the tower was lost.

old_ford_st_paul071113_1 old_ford_st_paul071113_5
 old_ford_st_paul071113_6  old_ford_st_paul071113_10
 old_ford_st_paul071113_11  old_ford_st_paul071113_26
 old_ford_st_paul071113_19  old_ford_st_paul071113_12
 old_ford_st_paul071113_20  old_ford_st_paul071113_22
 old_ford_st_paul071113_23  old_ford_st_paul071113_25