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Christ Church, Charterhouse Road, Orpington

South east of the town centre in a pleasant suburban street. The church was built in 1940, but there is a more modern west end and porch.The architects were George True and Dunn.

orpington_christ_church020317_4 orpington_christ_church020317_3
 orpington_christ_church020317_1  orpington_christ_church020317_

Unity Church, Rye Crescent, Orpington

Built in 1967 to serve the large Ramsden estate east of Orpington and its bypass. Since 2012 it has been a joint venture between the Anglican and Hope churches, having formerly been Anglican/Methodist.

orpington_unity_church020317_4  orpington_unity_church020317_2
 orpington_unity_church020317_1  orpington_unity_church020317_

All Saints, Bark Hart Road, Orpington

Orpington parish church, but north east of the town centre in suburban roads. The old Saxon and Norman church has been made a chapel to a large 1957 church built at right angles and designed by Geddes Hyslop. The stumpy tower is the consequence of storm damage to its upper parts.

      orpington_all_saints020317_6  orpington_all_saints020317_7
 orpington_all_saints020317_3 orpington_all_saints020317_5
 orpington_all_saints020317_2  orpington_all_saints020317_8
 orpington_all_saints020317_11  orpington_all_saints020317_10
 orpington_all_saints020317_1  orpington_all_saints020317_9

Holy Innocents, Strickland Way, Orpington (Roman Catholic)

A suburban church hidden away some way south of Orpington town centre, it is by the Michael Blee Whittaker Partnership and dates from 1981.

  orpington_holy_innocents_rc020317_2  orpington_holy_innocents_rc020317_3
 orpington_holy_innocents_rc020317_  orpington_holy_innocents_rc020317_1

St Andrew, Lower Road, Orpington

South of St Mary Cray this is a church of 1892-93 by Hide and Newberry.

south_cray_st_andrew070217_6 south_cray_st_andrew070217_5
 south_cray_st_andrew070217_3  south_cray_st_andrew070217_4
 south_cray_st_andrew070217_1  south_cray_st_andrew070217_