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St Andrew Mission (Former), Waghorn Street, Peckham now Rosicrucian

Built as a Mission to St John in 1902 but declared redundant as early as 1932 and sold in 1948. The architect is not recorded.  It is now a Rosicrucian meeting hall.

Our Lady of Sorrows, Bird in Bush Road, Peckham (Roman Catholic)

A large church of 1859 by E.W.Pugin, alongside the east end there are the buildings of an associated Friary from the 1880s. It was served by Capuchin Friars up to 2000 and after a number of years under diocesan control it is now served by a Vincentian community The west end is partly hidden by a derelict looking church hall of 1937.  As of November 2018, there is considerable building work going on the exterior’s south side.

St Andrew (Former), Glengall Road, Peckham now Celestial Church of Christ

A church of 1865-66 by Enoch Bassett Keeling. It was declared redundant in 1978 and leased to CCC from 1980.  The inside has been refurbished in typical CCC style and has a mezzanine floor inserted over half of the nave and the west gallery boxed in and the north aisle windows blocked.

St John Chrysostom, Meeting House Lane, Peckham

This building replaced St Jude which had been bombed out. The current church was built in 1965 and designed by David Bush. The large interior is very dark and lit by a window inside the tower structure and a large stretch of dal de verre glass. The Lady Chapel also features the same kind of glass.  The Stations of the cross made of crosses with the appropriate number of nails are unusual. The tall brick street front has been adorned with a huge mural called Run by Giacomo Bufarini since 2017.

St Mary Magdalene, Dundas Road/St Mary’s Road, Peckham

The third church on this site, a church of 1839 was bombed out and replaced in 1961-62. However that building proved problematic and it was replaced in 2010-2011 by the current building. It sits on an island site and consists of a worship area and side chapel both separated by glass screens from hall areas. The architects were IID.


St Paul Mission (Former), Consort Road, Peckham

Built in 1907 by George Lansdown. It was only in occasional use for worship, being mainly used as halls. The last services were held in 1982 and it was closed as an Anglican centre in 1991. Since then it has been used by the Icthus Fellowship until 2002, and the Hooper Hall below by the New Testament Church of God from 1995-2000. It was then sold in 2002 to Christ Miracle Gospel Ministries. It is currently up for sale or lease.

St James the Great, Elm Grove, Peckham Rye

A small church which forms part of the street frontage just north of Peckham Rye station. It is attributed to F.W. Tasker and dates from 1902. A new chancel was added by Tomei & Mackley in 1971, along with halls at the rear.


All Saints, Blenheim Grove, Peckham

Alongside the railway by Peckham Rye station. This is a ragstone church of 1870-72 by H.E. Coe.


St Saviour (Coppleston Centre), Coppleston Road, Peckham

Now a Community centre containing a small worship area based on the east end of the church building. Most of the nave is now a large hall. The church, now shared with the United Reformed Church was built in 1880-91 by Weeks and Hughes and became the Coppleston Centre in 1978.