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St Michael and All Angels (former), Poplar

A notable landmark by R.W. Morris (1864-65) and now converted into flats.

poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_  poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_2
 poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_5  poplar_st_michael_all_angels_former141113_7

St Nicholas and All Hallows, Aberfeldy Street, Poplar

A Seely and Paget church of 1953-55, it closed in 1968 to be used as a store for vinyl discs and reopened in 1997 and repaired by Keith Harrison Architects (Tim Hornsby).

  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_3 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_6
 poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_5  poplar_st_nicholas_all_hallows141113_

St Mary and St Joseph, Upper North Street, Poplar (Roman Catholic)

Built to replace a war damaged church. It is a bulky massive church of 1954 by Adrian Gilbert Scott.

poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_2 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_8
 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_14  poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_17
 poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_16  poplar_st_mary_st_joseph_rc161113_11

St Saviour, Northumbria St, Poplar (former)

Designed by F.J. and H. Francis and built in 1873-74, made redundant in 1976 but burnt out in 2007. It remains as a shell on the edge of Bartlett Park.

 poplar_st_saviour_former141113_9  poplar_st_saviour_former141113_8
 poplar_st_saviour_former141113_14  poplar_st_saviour_former141113_6
 poplar_st_saviour_former141113_11  poplar_st_saviour_former141113_4

All Saints, East India Docks Road, Poplar

In a large green churchyard, built by Charles Hollis 1820-23.

poplar_all_saints100512_5  poplar_all_saints100512_6
 poplar_all_saints100512_3  poplar_all_saints100512_
 poplar_all_saints100512_2  poplar_all_saints100512_1
 poplar_all_saints100512_4   poplar_all_saints141113_5
 poplar_all_saints141113_12  poplar_all_saints141113_8
 poplar_all_saints141113_13  poplar_all_saints141113_14

St Mathias, Poplar

Now converted into a community centre (1990-91) after years of dereliction following redundancy in 1976. At its heart is a church of 1652-54 built as a chapel for the East India Company,  remodelled by William Milford Teulon 1870-76 as a parish church.

 poplar_st_mathias100512_4 poplar_st_mathias100512_3
 poplar_st_mathias150916_32  poplar_st_mathias100512_1
 poplar_st_mathias150916_28   poplar_st_mathias150916_31
 poplar_st_mathias150916_23  poplar_st_mathias150916_
 poplar_st_mathias150916_24  poplar_st_mathias150916_15
 poplar_st_mathias150916_3  poplar_st_mathias150916_2
 poplar_st_mathias150916_5  poplar_st_mathias150916_9
 poplar_st_mathias150916_10  poplar_st_mathias150916_1
 poplar_st_mathias150916_8  poplar_st_mathias150916_4
 poplar_st_mathias150916_7  poplar_st_mathias150916_6