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Our Lady of Reparation, Wellesley Road, Croydon (Roman Catholic)

Near West Croydon station, this church was originally designed in 1864 by E.W. Pugin but is now largely by F.A. Walters from 1883.

Our Lady of Sorrows, Bird in Bush Road, Peckham (Roman Catholic)

A large church of 1859 by E.W.Pugin, alongside the east end there are the buildings of an associated Friary from the 1880s. It was served by Capuchin Friars up to 2000 and after a number of years under diocesan control it is now served by a Vincentian community The west end is partly hidden by a derelict looking church hall of 1937.  As of November 2018, there is considerable building work going on the exterior’s south side.

St Monica, Hoxton Square, Hoxton (Roman Catholic)

Attached to an Augustinian Priory. The church is by E.W.Pugin and dates from 1864-66, with a lady chapel added by John Young in 1880. The columns and vault are all of wood. The church is being restored and fragments of the original painted decoration have been uncovered.

        hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_26 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_21
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_17  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_4
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_10  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_15
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_11  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_6
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_5  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_8

English Martyrs, Prescot Street, Whitechapel (Roman Catholic)

Designed by Edward Pugin with the work continued after his death by  Pugin and Pugin 1875-76, only the west front is visible as it is hemmed in by other buildings. The mosaics above the door are by Arthur Fleischmann. The high altar is from 1930 as is the huge east window which is by William Earley of Dublin

spitalfields_english_martyrs_rc051013_ 1 spitalfields_english_martyrs_rc051013_ 2
 spitalfields_english_martyrs_rc051013_ 4  

St Francis of Assisi, Grove Cresent Road, Stratford (Roman Catholic)

Just north of the town centre, by E.W. Pugin 1868 with a sanctuary of 1931-32 by W.C. Mangan.

stratford_st_francis_rc230513_  stratford_st_francis_rc230513_2
 stratford_st_francis_rc230513_4 stratford_st_francis_rc230513_1