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St Monica, Hoxton Square, Hoxton (Roman Catholic)

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Attached to an Augustinian Priory. The church is by E.W.Pugin and dates from 1864-66, with a lady chapel added by John Young in 1880. The columns and vault are all of wood. The church is being restored and fragments of the original painted decoration have been uncovered.

        hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_26 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_21
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_17  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_4
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_10  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_15
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_11  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_6
 hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_5  hoxton_st_monica_rc211113_8

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  1. […] still impressive, as were the Stations of the Cross that lined the walls, the rest was post-war drab. The roof was a plain white paint, with a simple pale yellow washed out background to the altar […]

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