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The Annunciation, Windermere Avenue, South Kenton

The current church dates from 1961 and is by Riley and Glanfield, the previous building of 1938, now used as a hall, lies in front of it.



St Mark, Bathurst Gardens/All Souls Avenue, Kensal Rise

A typical suburban church by J.S. Alder dating from 1914. Like a number of his churches it was left unfinished until 1968 when Riley and Glanfield added a non matching west end.


St Mary Magdalene, East Hill, Wandsworth (Roman Catholic)

On an island site between busy roads.two sides are hidden by  buildings, whereas the eastern side faces the former Huguenot burial ground. It was designed by Lawrence Butler and built in 1905. A gallery and baptistery were added by Riley & Glanfield in 1959.

wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_5  wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_3
 wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_1  wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_

Emmanuel, High Street, Northwood

Some way from the station, this is a large church of 1903 by Frank Elgood. A large western extension hides most of the west front, this is by Riley and Glanfield and dates from 1982. It forms part of a large evangelical complex.

northwood_emmanuel130314_1 northwood_emmanuel130314_3
 northwood_emmanuel130314_6  northwood_emmanuel130314_15
 northwood_emmanuel130314_19  northwood_emmanuel130314_23
 northwood_emmanuel130314_20  northwood_emmanuel130314_9
 northwood_emmanuel130314_24  northwood_emmanuel130314_21

Christ Church, Waldeck Road, West Green

In a suburban street, a small church built  in 1982 by Riley and Glanfield. Church website

tottenham_christ_church120913_  tottenham_christ_church120913_1