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St Mary Magdalene, East Hill, Wandsworth (Roman Catholic)

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On an island site between busy roads.two sides are hidden by  buildings, whereas the eastern side faces the former Huguenot burial ground. It was designed by Lawrence Butler and built in 1905. A gallery and baptistery were added by Riley & Glanfield in 1959.

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 wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_1  wandsworth_st_mary_magdalene_rc050117_


  1. Bridget Saly says:

    I used to go to this beautiful church back in the 1950s my two sisters were married there . And my three brothers were alter boys. We are the Daly family. We lived in Elmsleigh road. Which had to be demolished to build the flyover/ underpass. So unfortunately we had to move. I miss this lovely church, the few times my sister and I have visited the church had been closed. It would be lovely to visit again and actually go inside this lovely church . Lots of very fond memories from Dt. Mary Magdalen church and my old house in Elmsleigh road. If anyone has any old photos of the church and/or photos of Elmsleigh road I would love to see them . My email address is bj.daly@btinternet.com. Thankyou xxx

  2. chris askew/anna says:

    my parents were married there in 1957 , can anyone tell me where to obtain a copy of marriage certificate Anna

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